Collection: Sustainable Sweaters

Our sweaters are designed with ultimate comfort in mind. Their unique sustainable cotton blend is perfect for those who crave warmth and softness without sacrificing durability or style. In fact, our customers have said that wearing our sweaters is 'like getting a cuddle from a cloud'. Whether you're looking for something to wear on a night out with the girls or something to snuggle up with on the couch, Beira has the perfect limited-edition garment. Our sustainable women's sweaters collection features a range of super-soft and durable women’s jumpers that are all designed in Scotland and produced in our circular sourcing method that uses dead-stock and 'discarded' fabrics from high-end luxury fashion manufacturers.



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Super Soft with Several Styles

Our quiet luxury sweaters are available in several styles and colours, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Each sweater is carefully crafted with both the outside and the inside in mind. Outside, Beira offers a range of colours embroidery and prints that are perfect for any style. Inside, their brushed cotton ensures maximum softness, making these sweaters delightful to wear. Here is what to expect from our outstanding pieces:

  • Designs to Match Body Type - Every body type is beautiful, and we've created sweaters to complement all shapes and sizes. Our sweaters are available in three different styles to accentuate your curves or sleek lines.
  • Stylish Prints and Embroidery - Perhaps you prefer a statement piece over a single-colour sweater. In that case, take your pick from our stylish prints or embroidery. Our collection is packed with limited editions so check back occasionally for new designs.
  •  Brushed Cotton Interior - Are you ready for the gold standard in comfort? Our sustainable women's sweaters are lined with brushed cotton to make for a luxe experience you won't get with a standard sweatshirt.

Our Sustainability Mission

Beira's purpose is to create fashion that is kind to both people and the planet. We believe that luxury fashion should never compromise our environment or ethical values. Each sweater is made with a blend of sustainable materials and manufactured in small batches and our packaging, hangers and size tags are all made from repurposed materials, further contributing to our sustainability ethos.

We're proud purveyors of the circular economy model. This means we only create new garments from 'discarded' high-end materials ready to be sent to landfills. The result is a limited-edition sweatshirt collection sourced from premium fabrics that helps to minimise the fashion industry's enormous amount of waste.

Luxury Fashion Shouldn't Compromise Ethics

Our luxury women's sweaters made in Italy and embroidered in Edinburgh are fabricated with high ethical standards in mind. Unlike most fashion manufacturers, we pay our artisans in Scotland, Italy and China above a living wage. In contrast, the majority of brands expect their garment works to survive off less than £2 an hour. Other ways we promote ethical practices and put people first include:

  • Creating respectful work environments
  •  Utilising factory downtime for increased efficiency
  • Upholding the UN's Goal 8—decent work and economic growth
  • Being part of the Ethical Brand Directory
  • Sourcing furniture from an Edinburgh enterprise that hires people who have difficulty finding employment

Get Your Limited-Edition, Sustainable Sweater Today

With Beira, you have an opportunity to indulge in sustainable fashion that is both chic and eco-friendly. Each sweater is produced in small batches, making each piece unique and one of a kind. We have made it much simpler to embrace ethical fashion without harming the environment. Every purchase from Beira shows your support for sustainability and fair pay for garment workers. Invest in sustainable fashion today and become a part of Beira's mission.