Collection: Sustainable Luxury Hats

Accessorising is a fun way to complete any outfit. Beira crafts sustainable luxury hats perfect for both cold weather and occasions that call for some extra style. Designed in Scotland, these hats make the perfect protection from the Scottish weather and pouring rain. Take a deeper look into our hat collection and what makes our business model unique.


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Made in Scotland With Ethics in Mind

Many of our sustainable hats are made in Scotland, just outside Glasgow. The artisans who create these hats are highly skilled and have years of experience creating high-end fashion pieces. Although we promote the gold standard in luxury, that doesn't mean Beira falls prey to the same pitfalls as many leading fashion brands. Too many brands take advantage of their garment workers and refuse to pay them a living wage. At Beira, this could not be further from the case. We strive for ethical business operations and insist on paying our artisans well over the living wage.  

Our Sustainability Ethos

In addition to ethics, sustainability is a key factor in how we produce our hats. The fashion industry is a huge producer of waste, much of which goes straight into a landfill. To combat this, Beira sources all garments from 'discarded' materials helping reduce the amount of textile waste that ends up at landfills. This model is a circular economy, as materials cycle from waste back into stunning garments. Furthermore, we harness solar power to operate several of our buildings and use repurposed furniture in our store. Our goal is to minimise our waste throughout the production process and maintain a significantly lower carbon footprint than the average fashion brand.

Shop Our Collections Today

Beira’s artisans have mastered the craft of sustainable knitted hats. Between our luxury knitwear and timeless bucket hats, you are sure to find a piece that matches your target aesthetic. These hats are both sophisticated and comfortable, and when you shop at Beira, you are supporting a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry. See what our collection has to offer today.