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We are excited to showcase our latest limited-edition pieces manufactured using sustainable and ethical practices. Beira believes in producing garments that are not only stylish and functional but also have a low carbon footprint. We design our clothes for flattering fits and year-round wear, ensuring you can enjoy them for a long time. See what just arrived at Beira’s Scotland headquarters.


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Know Where Your Designs Come From

When you purchase from Beira, you'll know the exact process your garment went through from initial design through completion. Our pieces are designed in Scotland and fabricated at one of four factories around the world. Each of our partner factories prioritises fair pay, a positive work environment and, yes, sustainability. No matter which of our limited-edition garments you choose, you can expect only the highest quality materials and long-lasting function. Every piece is unique, so when you see something you like, you will want to purchase as soon as possible—our luxe garments don’t stay on our racks long!

Using Sustainable Practices to Protect the Planet

All our new arrivals were manufactured with sustainability in mind. We understand the impact that fast fashion has on the environment, and in order to combat the adverse effects, we take several measures to produce garments sustainably. Our sourcing and manufacturing processes are circular, meaning the materials we use are repurposed where possible. Our pieces are made from ‘discarded’ fabrics and trims, and our size tags[1] , swing tags and labels create no additional waste. In every decision we make, we strive to achieve the lowest carbon emissions possible, using cleaner energy sources and reducing waste at every stage of production.

Treating People With Respect

Another critical aspect of our brand is ethical manufacturing. We are transparent about our supply chain, proving that our workers are treated fairly and with respect. Unfortunately, most major fashion brands do not have a strong track record of workers’ rights—at Beira, we pay our artisans well above a living wage for their services. We believe that fair labour practices are essential for creating a more sustainable and equitable future, and we are committed to upholding them at every production stage. Throughout the production and retail processes, we also make efforts to support local enterprises and Scottish-owned factories. When you wear our limited-edition pieces, you can feel good knowing they were created with ethical manufacturing practices in mind.

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Be a part of our mission to enact positive change in the fashion industry - shop Beira's new arrivals. Each piece is thoughtfully designed and expertly crafted. When you purchase from our brand, you not only receive a beautiful garment, but you are also making a conscious choice toward a greener and fairer future. Contact us for further details about our purpose and traceable supply chain.