Collection: Quiet Luxury Women's Clothing

At the Forefront of Quiet Luxury Womenswear

We create beautiful, sustainable luxury women’s clothing designed to last more than just one season. We define ourselves by our dedication to quiet luxury - high-quality, timeless garments that won't go out of style. We believe that fashion should not be consumed without reason, and it's better to buy fewer high-quality garments than many items of lower quality. Throughout the design and production process, Beira is guided by the idea of mindful consumption, slow fashion and classic fit and function.

Explore our luxury collections, perfect for all styles and body shapes.


  • Sweaters
  • Dresses
  • Trousers
  • Jumpsuits
  • Knitwear

Shop Our Quiet Luxury Clothing Collections

Beira's quiet luxury clothing includes a range of unique and versatile designs that cater to diverse styles from versatile cotton t-shirts to striking co-ords, you can find something that resonates with you. Each of our collections shares a cohesive aesthetic that melds elegance with natural, minimalist beauty. When you purchase your staple wardrobe pieces from us, you can feel empowered by the knowledge you are contributing to a fashion reinvention. Discover our sustainable luxury clothing:

Dresses & Jumpsuits: Do you have a special occasion coming up? Perhaps you simply prefer to dress elegantly. Whatever the case for you, our dresses and jumpsuits are the perfect choice.

Rainwear: Scotland has no shortage of rainy days. Be prepared for bad weather with a durable raincoat.

  • Wool Coats: Cosy up with these comfortable pieces. Our wool coats are made from premium materials.
  • T-Shirts: T-shirts are a must-have in any wardrobe. Choose from our timeless designs and colours.
  • Knitwear: Get the best of comfort, fit and function with a piece from our knitwear collection.
  • Sweaters: There's nothing better than getting cosy in a soft sweater. Our sweater collection features simple designs and maximum comfort.
  • Blazers & Jackets: Dress up your favourite professional shirt and trousers with a beautiful blazer. We also produce exquisite padded jackets for chillier days.
  • Capes: As a leader in the UK's sustainable luxury clothing industry, we're proud to produce unique products such as capes. These garments are functional, durable and, of course, stylish.
  • Socks: Keep your feet nice and warm with these luxury socks produced at our Scottish factory.

How We Create Our Womenswear

All of Beira's quiet luxury women's clothing is designed in Scotland and handmade in factories across the world - namely Italy and Scotland. Whenever we partner with a factory, we take special care to ensure it uses sustainable practices and treats its workers with respect. Unlike the majority of the fashion industry, we pay our artisans a living wage and power some of our factory operations with solar power. The result is a supply chain that honours both the environment and the hardworking artisans that produce our garments. Our sustainable practices don't stop with solar power—we promote the following measures throughout the production process:

Implementing a circular economy—using 'discarded' fabrics to create new garments

  • Using factory downtime for production to improve overall efficiency
  • Utilising 'waste' shipment protocols that minimise carbon footprint
  • Never paying to offset emissions and instead offering a transparent process
  • Creating hangers and size tags, labels and business cards from repurposed materials

Meant to Last for Decades

Our quiet luxury womenswear is made to stand the test of time. The carefully selected high-quality materials not only feel great against your skin but they are designed to wear well over the years. The timeless designs are also meant to take you from season to season, allowing you to use them through changing trends and clothing fads. It is our hope that conscious consumers—our Goddesses—will hand their garments down to their children and further extend their useful lives. Every piece we create is limited-edition, so you will not only have a long-lasting garment, but very few people will own the same one.

Transparency and Traceability: Our Core Values

Our sustainable women's clothing stands out for a myriad of reasons—the quality, durability and ethical production process. But another factor that sets Beira apart is our core values of transparency and traceability. We believe consumers deserve to know where their clothes come from. Our staff and factory partners maintain a transparent production process and ensure all garments are traceable from start to finish. This value keeps us accountable to you—our Goddesses.

Find Your Favourite Pieces

Beira is more than just a clothing brand. It's an initiative to change the fashion industry for the better. We're not a sustainable women's clothing company only interested in building a glowing reputation—we're committed to actually doing the difficult work of reducing emissions and improving ethical standards.