Collection: Sustainable Scarves

Scarves are a timeless accessory that can instantly elevate your style. Not only do they keep you warm and cosy during the colder months, but they also add a pop of colour and texture to your outfits. As you search for the perfect accessories, be sure to consider sustainable scarves from Beira. We’re dedicated to bringing conscious consumers beautiful garments that respect the environment and honour the artisans who create them. Discover our luxury scarf collection and delve deeper into Beira’s sustainable and ethical purpose.


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Choose From Two Pops of Colour

Beira scarves come in two stunning colours: rich red and royal blue. These colours are versatile and complement a range of skin tones, making them a great addition to any wardrobe. Our sustainable scarves are made from a luxe blend of wool and cashmere that ensures softness, warmth and, of course, comfort. Because of these high-quality materials, our scarves are durable and if well looked after will last you more than just one winter season.

A sustainable scarf is a great way to complete any look. We have created luxury matching hats and scarves to really tie your outfit together. While you can always purchase these items separately, we recommend bundling them together for maximum style and function. There is a bundle discount applied at the checkout when you buy both items together.

Designs Made From a Luxury Wool Blend

Our design team loves creating styles that are both subtle for every day and exciting for those who enjoy making a fashion statement. Many of our scarves are embroidered with our Beira ‘eye ’ logo, adding a touch of luxury without becoming gaudy.

How a Circular Economy Results in Sustainable Scarves

Beira is proud to implement their Italian circular economy model in Hong Kong and Scotland to produce knitwear and other accessories. What is a circular economy? This model involves using ‘waste’ from high-end fashion manufacturers to create beautiful new garments. We rescue fabrics, trims and other deadstock before they can be carted off to a landfill. Our efforts have reduced our carbon footprint by 88%. Other ways we promote sustainability include:

  • Solar-powered factories
  • Furniture made from repurposed materials
  • Size tags, labels, all tags and finishings are made from upcycled materials
  • Sustainable shipping protocols

Exquisite Craftsmanship, Ethical Production

Exceptional craftsmanship is a vital part of the Beira brand. We use only the best yarns when creating our sustainable knitted scarves. Many of our highly skilled artisans have worked with other top luxury brands, and you can expect intricate attention to detail with every piece. While craftsmanship is a top priority, we are also committed to cultivating a positive work environment. Here is how we put the ethical treatment of people first:

  • Paying above a living wage
  • Never shouting or demanding—treating our artisans with the respect they deserve
  • Partnering with a company that offers employment to those who struggle to get hired

Make Comfort and Style Your Signature Look

At Beira, style and sustainability go hand-in-hand. Our limited-edition pieces are the result of circular sourcing, and you can feel good about supporting a company dedicated to putting the planet first. What’s more, when you purchase from Beira and become one of our Goddesses, you are also standing behind workers’ rights and ethical operations in the fashion industry. Invest in a Beira scarf today and take pride in your sustainable wardrobe.