Collection: Sustainable Women's Blazers

The key to keeping a well-maintained wardrobe is choosing versatile garments that work for all kinds of occasions and seasons. At Beira, we're dedicated to producing exceptional products that mean you can buy less and love your wardrobe more. Our iconic women’s wool blazers are designed for an unstructured and oversized fit, giving a relaxed, casual vibe. However, we also offer fitted jackets that make the ideal accent for your workday outfit or special occasion. No matter which of our sustainable women's jackets fit you best, you'll want to keep it in your wardrobe for years to come.



  • Rainwear
  • Wool Coats
  • Capes
  • Padded Jackets

Exceptional Quality Is Our Standard

Our blazers and jackets are designed in Scotland and optimised for luxury. We have high standards during our design and production processes and
insist on consistent quality every step of the way. Our garments are fashioned from premium materials sourced from high-end factories, and the result is a durable blazer meant to last a lifetime. Jackets are constructed with the utmost attention to detail and all fabrics, trims, buttons and labels are sourced from waste so there are no new materials. Once the production process is finished, the completed coat is a stunning amalgamation of style and sustainable craftsmanship.

Beyond that, Beira's commitment to quality is reflected in the factories where we produce our pieces. Our luxury oversized blazers are crafted at our renowned Italian factory celebrated for its excellence in outerwear production. We take our high standards seriously and remain dedicated to making world-class honest luxury pieces for conscious consumers.

Stunning Designs and Innovative Features

Our luxury women's wool blazers boast an array of features that truly make them stand out with each garment featuring two large, deep pockets for added storage and comfort and carefully placed buttons for maximum style. Take your pick from jackets with an oversized, relaxed fit or jackets with a more tailored design. A few of our hallmark jackets include:

  • Elena: The Elena jacket is among our bestsellers. This piece can be worn three different ways and features a cut-away silhouette to flatter all body types. Style your jacket with a neutral top, plaid overcoat, or regal bracelets.
  • Jeanne: The Jeanne jacket comes in a lush forest green and understated taupe. But regardless of your favourite colour, you'll enjoy its slimming silhouette, outstanding detailing, and durable construction
  • Maggie Jacket: As part of our Smart Works collaboration 20% of the profits from the Maggie
    jacket goes directly to Smart Works. This way, we’re not just creating a stylish jacket; we’re giving back and supporting a better future for women.

Made by Skilled Italian Artisans

Our sustainable luxury women's blazers are manufactured at La Rocca, an Italian factory famed for its commitment to both quality and environmental friendliness. In fact, owner Flavio Forlani is a co founder of Beira. We're proud to display garments created by La Rocca's skilled artisans, and we make
every effort to put those artisans' needs at the forefront of our operations. Beira puts people first, always paying above a living wage to work in our factories. What's more, we encourage production during factory downtime to maximise efficiency. Our purpose goes beyond profiting and intends to make a positive impact on the people who support our operations.

Reducing Our Environmental Impact

In addition to putting people first, Beira puts the planet first. Throughout the production process, we strive to minimise our carbon footprint and reduce our overall environmental impact. To this end, we source our garments from a solar-powered factory and utilise 'waste' delivery protocols to drastically reduce our carbon footprint. Due to embracing a circular economy, we have reduced our carbon output by an average of 85% when compared with
traditional production methods. Our efforts to put the planet first include:

  • Creating new garments from 'discarded'
    fabrics and trims
  • Making hangers, business cards and size
    tags from repurposed materials
  • Not imposing rejection deadlines
  • Introducing slow, sustainable shipping
  • Crafting garments meant to last a lifetime—not end up in a landfill

Everything Is Limited Edition

All of our women's blazers and jackets are produced through the circular economy with materials that would have been otherwise discarded. Because we
work with a limited amount of fabric and trim, each item in our collection is limited - edition. When you make a purchase from Beira, you are getting something truly unique that only a few other individuals will have in their wardrobes. Each
piece has its own character that can be dressed up or dressed down for a variety of purposes.

Reinventing the Fashion Industry

At Beira, we aim to reinvent the fashion industry and prioritise people and the planet. Conscious consumers, our Goddesses, across Scotland and the
whole of the UK, have already become a part of our mission. Instead of purchasing from mass retailers, consider sourcing your next jacket from a sustainable source.