Collection: Luxury Women's Capes

Discover Beira's collection of flagship luxury capes. As one of our flagship products, we've made a name for ourselves with our hand-crafted, Scottish-made luxury women's capes. These garments offer a unique touch to any wardrobe and can be dressed up or dressed down as necessary. They make excellent workwear, but they also serve as casual outerwear for a day on the town.

Our artisans create each cape entirely by hand and are made within 30 miles of our store. One artisan takes ownership of the garment, seeing it through the complete process. We hand-tape seams and utilise waste from Hancock’s infamous vulcanised rubber fabrics that are both waterproof and breathable. One cape takes about eight hours to make—time well spent to create a stunning garment that can last for decades.


  • Rainwear
  • Wool Coats
  • Padded Jackets
  • Blazers

Luxury Features With Each Cape

Every cape in our collection is a limited-edition design and offers unique design features. We take immense pride in the singularity of these products, and they truly are limited edition. We only manufacture a small number, so you can be sure you have a garment that few others do. There are countless ways to style these sustainable capes as these capes are a contemporary take on a classic design. Pair them with a bucket hat, neutral trousers, or statement jewellery.  Enjoy these luxe features:

  • Rich colours
  • Large feature buttons
  • Reversible epaulettes
  • Two pockets
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Matching bucket hats

Fabulous on All Body Types

Some limited-edition fashion brands use their exclusivity to leave out larger bodies. This is not the case at Beira. Our waterproof capes look fabulous on all body types, despite only coming in one size. These capes are perfect for sizes 6 to 22 and flatter all body shapes.

Enjoy a Lifetime of Warmth and Style

The conscious consumer can shop at Beira to find garments designed to last a lifetime. Our capes are fabricated with top-tier materials and durability in mind. Each piece boasts a lifetime guarantee, and we hope you'll keep your cape for years to come. We envision our capes becoming stunning heirloom pieces passed from mother to daughter for generations.

Designed and Made in Scotland

Our women's winter capes are proudly designed and made in Scotland. These capes are brought to life using 'discarded' fabrics from the high fashion industry at a factory just outside Glasgow. By producing some of our garments here in the UK, we eliminate many of the environmental concerns associated with the shipping process. After all, goods produced only 29 miles away from our store have much lower carbon emissions than those fabricated a world away. What's more, we source our materials using a circular model. This means we only use materials that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. Our dedication to a circular economy has provided an 85% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Ethics and Sustainability Are Key

Our ethical values and sustainability initiatives are at the core of everything we do. Our mission goes beyond providing luxury capes to women in the UK—we strive to cater to conscious consumers, preserve the environment and treat people with respect. Get to know a few of our ethical and sustainable goals:

  • Ethics: We are glad to pay our artisans above the living wage. Artisans at our Scottish, Italian and Chinese factories are paid fairly for their time and skills.
  • Sustainability: Beira aims to keep fine fabrics out of landfills and maintain a low carbon footprint. Nearly all of our materials were once considered 'waste,' and we make every effort to minimise our impact on the environment

Become a Conscious Consumer

Being a conscious consumer should not feel limiting. Instead, it's often freeing to know that you are not contributing to an unfair system that takes advantage of people and our environmental resources. Beira is dedicated to leading the sustainability charge in the fashion industry by creating exceptional garments without adverse effects. Rather than spend your money on a coat that will only fray within a few years, choose a gorgeous women's cape that can remain in your wardrobe for decades.