Enter Beira, a sustainable luxury clothing brand based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Using the best craftsmanship and the finest materials, we create limited-edition luxury womenswear that won't cost us our planet. Beira's is a story of sustainability and ethics. With a focus on honest, quiet luxury, our Scottish brand is breaking the cycle of fashion norms and low-effort designs. Instead, we prioritise creating timeless pieces, using a sustainable circular sourcing strategy and paying our skilled artisans fairly. When you support Beira, you're not just adding a stylish piece to your wardrobe, you are adding your voice to the call for a more sustainable and equitable fashion industry.

Our Story Begins With Our Founders

An academic and a manufacturer have come together to take a step forward towards a more sustainable fashion industry. When Dr. Antoinette Fionda-Douglas and Flavio Forlani combined their efforts, out arose a sustainable luxury brand, producing timeless, high-quality garments.You see, Flavio had a problem. He wa sicreasingly concerned about the amount of textile waste being produced. But with Antoinette's knowledge about the circular economy, the two were well-positioned to solve some of the most pressing problems in the fashion industry: how to produce beautiful, timeless clothing that is ethically and sustainably sourced and doesn't cost us the earth.

Solving Key Problems Facing Our Industry

Like many complex problems facing businesses across the world, the solution to sustainability in fashion isn't straightforward. We need to take a multi-pronged approach to see real change, and our journey has just begun. Beira's approach to revolutionising the fashion industry has these components:

  • Sustainability

    As the owner of the Italian luxury manufacturer La Rocca, Flavio was increasingly concerned about fabric waste and wanted to minimise his impact on the environment. Our solution? Sourcing all raw materials by embracing the circular economy.

  • Beauty

    Inspired by this sustainable concept, Flavio and Antoinette decided to create limited-edition sustainable luxury clothing. These pieces use the finest fabrics and beautiful designs rooted in Italian craftsmanship.

  • Transparency

    Beira has adopted a radical approach to pricing transparency while allowing consumers to see all the elements that make up the cost of an item. This accounts for the cost of materials, artisans, packaging and shipping.

Replicating the Circular Economy Model in Scotland and China

We produce sustainable fashion in Scotland through harnessing the power of the circular economy. We are proud to have replicated this tried and tested Italian model in both Scotland and China. Our operations source discarded material from the luxury fashion industry and use those components to design timeless womenswear for the conscious consumer. Our garments are made to be an investment—to last and be loved for a lifetime.

Follow Along With Our Journey

Meet Beira: The Story Behind the Name

The name of our environmentally sustainable clothing brand is a vital aspect of our identity. When naming our brand, we took inspiration from Scottish folklore. Beira was the Scottish Goddess of Winter and the Mother of all the Gods and Goddesses. She controlled our 'inner worlds' and was the manipulator of fate, moods, foresight, premonitions and dreams. Her greatest strength was her ability to see beyond the polarity and duality of the world—she possessed only one eye, which inspired the Beira Logo.

What Beira Means to Us

Beira is a complicated character, but fascinating and inspiring nonetheless. Upon learning her story, we found many elements in her story similar to the modern fashion industry. Fashion is an incredible creator, but it has also, sadly, is contributing to the destruction of our environment. While fashion has the potential to be gentle and inclusive, it is too often fierce and unethical. Beira embodies these contradictions and reminds us of our mission: to create slow fashion produced in an ethical, transparent manner.

Beira's Impact Today

With Beira's story in mind, we're inspired to explore and devise better means of creating and producing garments. Instead of destroying, we aim to craft clothing in a gentle and nurturing way. Our brand goes beyond the simple duality— and instead strives to have a multifaceted and un-blinked view of the fashion industry. Our cohesive approach to beautiful, slow fashion is a testament to the oneness that the goddess Beira stood for.

Making Sustainable Luxury More Accessible

'Fashion' is a catch-all term for our industry, and Beira strives to stand apart. We prefer to think of our collections as quiet luxury. This means investing in exceptional garments and timeless designs without taking a toll on the environment as a result. Creating sustainable clothing is only half of the equation—it also must be accessible to the conscious consumer. At Beira, we create honest luxury by selling directly to these responsible consumers rather than allow middlemen such as boutiques to raise prices, this approach allows us to keep our prices low and transparent.