Collection: Sustainable Socks

Don’t forget about the smaller details of your wardrobe… such as socks. At Beira, we're glad to manufacture sustainable Scottish-made socks. Our products are ethically sourced and made locally, in Scotland, to offer enhanced comfort and warmth. These socks suit conscious consumers of all ages and genders and make the perfect gift for anyone. Find out how buying Beira socks supports our mission to make the fashion industry more sustainable and less damaging to the environment.


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Outstanding Comfort and Warmth

Each pair of socks is made from the highest-quality yarns and our dedication to high-end materials means exceptional warmth and comfort. We've designed our socks to be super soft without becoming itchy or tight in the toe. Anyone can cosy up with our soft, stretchy and durable Scottish-made socks.

Available in Unisex Sizes and Various Colours

Our socks are made to accommodate unisex sizes and an array of colour preferences. You will have your choice of neutral shades and rich tones, making our socks ideal for any purpose.

Packed and Paired With Care

Most socks you'll find in shops today are mass-produced without genuine care about their quality. But Beira socks are fabricated with passion and attention to detail. We source our socks from Caledonia Hosiery right here in Scotland, a company founded by second-generation sock maker Steve Elton. Along with his team, Steve examines, pairs and packs each sock by hand. This careful attention to the smaller things ensures maximum comfort and wearability. These socks allow you to experience luxury and comfort all the way to the tip of your toes.

Sourced From Luxury 'Waste'

We don't use run-of-the-mill materials to create clothing at Beira. Everything we manufacture comes from luxury 'waste', which means yarns and trims are sourced from surplus, pre-existing materials about to be sent to landfills. We take these unwanted yarns and transform them into beautiful socks that allow you to relax in luxury. However, using 'discarded' materials does not mean a reduction in quality. Each pair of socks is created from luxury yarn, resulting in a product that offers the gold standard in quality.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint One Sock at a Time

At Beira, we're well aware of the impact that the textile industry has on the environment. We take this issue extremely seriously and repurpose materials to minimise our carbon emissions. Specifically, our socks are manufactured locally to reduce our footprint produced by transportation. By using a circular model and sustainable shipping methods, we've reduced our carbon footprint by 94%. Our goal is to put the planet first, to make a positive impact on the environment while delivering luxury products customers will adore. Other ways we promote sustainability include:

  • Producing little to no waste during the production process
  • Implementing 'waste' shipment protocols
  • Avoiding too many samples
  • Not paying to offset, but rather making efforts to minimise emissions
  • Remaining transparent about our emissions
  • Purchasing furniture made from reclaimed wood
  • Repurposing materials to create hangers, size tags and business cards

Holding Ourselves to High Ethical Standards

In addition to preserving the planet, Beira is committed to putting people first. Our artisans are instrumental in making our unisex sustainable socks, and we believe they should be treated with the utmost kindness and respect. Unfortunately, too many fashion brands do not treat their garment workers fairly, paying much less than a living wage. At Beira, we've embraced radical transparency and insist on proper working conditions through every phase of our supply chain. Every step of the way, we ensure our factories meet high ethical standards.

Purchase a Pair of Scottish-made Socks Today

You won't find sustainable Scottish socks in just any shop. Fortunately, Beira is making these luxurious garments more accessible to conscious consumers in the UK. Our unique approach to sourcing and production means everyone involved wins—from the consumer, to the artisan, to the planet.