Collection: Sustainable Rainwear

The Scottish weather is as unpredictable as it is beautiful. To keep up with the everchanging elements, you need a raincoat that will stand the test of time. At Beira, we offer our conscious consumers sustainable rainwear in a spectrum of colours and designs.

Our sustainable rainwear is also known for its intelligent design, technical layered fabrics, and boasts an impressive and high hydrostatic head rating making them completely resistant to rainwater seeping in, prioritising functionality and style.


  • Capes
  • Padded Jackets
  • Wool Coats
  • Blazers

Women's Rainwear Designed Right Here in Scotland

Our rainwear collection is designed in Scotland with the conscious consumer in mind. To us, these customers are Goddesses—they prioritise fashion that honours both the environment and the artisans. When you purchase from us, you can expect garments that are beautiful, expertly made by skilled artisans and very technical.

Ethically Produced in Italy

Ethics and sustainability are crucial to our mission. We promote sustainability via the circular economy—using 'discarded' materials to create new, luxury raincoats. In the same way, we strive for ethical production at each of our factories. Our rainwear is made in Italy at the La Rocca factory, where we pay our artisans more than a living wage. This is rare in the fashion industry, with many garment workers in Asia making less than £2 an hour. We are well aware of the social issues within the fashion space and aim to make a difference with each piece we produce.

Made to Be Well-Loved

Our sustainable women's rainwear is made to weather more than just one storm. We specially fabricate our garments to be durable and last a lifetime. We hope our customers will love their pieces for a lifetime, pairing them with new styles and trends as the years pass. There is nothing like a reliable raincoat in your cupboard—always at your side when the weather turns grey. We encourage you to buy less and love your clothes more.

Unique Pieces Unlike Anything Else

Our luxury sustainable raincoats are all limited edition - we only produce a few of each piece and are sourced from luxury fabrics. While we pride ourselves on exclusive pieces, we do offer a range of sizes to accommodate most customers. When your wardrobe is complete with unique, versatile garments, you won't feel the need to overspend and overconsume.

Fashion With a Sustainable Mission

Join Beira's efforts to pioneer a more sustainable future for the fashion industry. Our mission goes beyond technical and sustainable raincoats, we offer a vast array of pieces, from wool coats to cosy socks. In everything we do, we put people and the planet first. For high-end fashion you can feel good about, shop Beira's limited edition outerwear collections.