Few brands hold the title of luxury and sustainable, at Beira, we're committed to producing quiet luxury statement pieces in our slow fashion revolution. We believe in complete transparency—customers should be aware of not only how their clothes were made but also how much they cost to make and the meticulous design and quality which makes them last. We have broken down the costings for one of our flagship coats to give a guide into costs for producing a garment, from wages and materials to packaging and shipping to demonstrate that Beira is committed to transparency about everyday business practices.

What Is Honest Luxury? 

For us honest luxury is about radical transparency about our impact and our pricing strategy. Get a few more details on our approach:

  • Transparency

    Beira sells directly to customers, eliminating the wholesale markup by removing the middleman. This allows for exceptional quality at at honest price all while reducing our carbon footprint.

  • Responsibility

    Beira uses no new fabrics. Instead, we source exclusively from discarded materials. All trims, labels, zips, buttons and more come from existing materials. Nothing is more sustainable than what already exists. However we still  take responsibility for our impact and are transparent about our carbon footprint. We take responsibility for our supply chain. We sell directly to our customers and embrace radical transparency, educating customers on the cost of production.

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How We Implement Honest Luxury

As an ethical and transparent fashion brand, we commit to revealing the true costs at every stage of the production process. For us, being honest about our pricing is vital to upholding our mission and honouring our journey. Here is how we promote transparent pricing in fashion: 

  • Fabric & Trims: We source our fabrics and trims from the luxury industry's ‘waste’ and, therefore, pass the discounted price to our customers. 
  • Labels & Swing Tickets: Our labels and unique swing tickets are made from ‘waste’ created during production, completely embracing the circular economy. 
  • Labour: Our garments are made by luxury artisans in Italy, Scotland and China. The labour costs involve paying people properly, above a living wage, which is reflected in our price. 
  • Packaging, Transport & Delivery: Beira is dedicated to delivering products to the UK in a sustainable and ethical manner. 
  • Import Duty & VAT: We reveal all the details about import duty and VAT costs to our conscious consumers.
  • Markups: We believe in radical transparency and an honest price for our products. After production, we apply a markup of three to four times the production cost—far less than the traditional five- to six-times markup. 
  • Final Price: This is the price paid by you, our Goddesses. We are proud to be fair, honest and transparent to all stakeholders.

Compare Our Pricing to Other Major Luxury Fashion Brands

Fair pricing in women's clothing is a top priority for us at Beira. To better show how we are disrupting the industry, let's look at a specific example. Explore the price differences* using our wool Alicia coat:

  • Fabric & Trims: As we source and buy all our raw materials by embracing a circular economy, our process is more cost-effective. The price of a traditional retailer includes the cost of purchasing the same fabric directly from the supplier or mill, while our processes drastically reduce this cost. We pass these savings on to you in an honest and transparent manner. 
  • Labels & Swing Tickets: We work to minimise the cost of livery for each product. Labour: The labour cost (cutting, sewing, packing and handling) for the Alicia coat is £54 per garment. The manufacturer markup is 1.5%, which constitutes fair pay. We are very proud to pay people fairly, as we believe it is an essential component of ethical production. 
  • Packaging, Transport & Delivery: We find the lowest carbon transport to our head office. During the packaging process, we implement reused cardboard boxes and never, ever use single-use plastic. 
  • Import Duty & VAT: The Alicia coat is made in Italy and incurs a 12% duty, which is an impact of Brexit. VAT is currently 20%. 
  • Mark Ups: We only sell directly to our Beira Goddesses. This means we can be very honest, open and transparent with our pricing. Traditional retail pricing strategy involves more stages between product creation and delivering it to the customer, increasing markups. Most luxury brands mark up around six times the production cost, while we keep our markup to three or four times. Please note that the markup is NOT profit. It includes all the operational costs (marketing, website, transactional costs, research, development, travel, operating costs, professional services, cost of returns, etc.). After all our start-up operating costs, we will have approximately £126 in profit for this jacket.

Why Does Transparent Pricing in Fashion Matter?

A lack of transparency in supply chains enables unsafe and exploitative working conditions for factory workers and allows environmental damage, all while hiding who is responsible and which brands have the power to stop these issues. By adopting a transparent, fair pricing strategy, Beira can combat these systemic problems and prioritise people and the planet.