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Complete Your Look With These Accessories

A great accessory can make all the difference when completing a look. Whether it's a scarf to add some warmth to your outfit, a hat to keep your hair in place or a pair of socks that add a pop of colour, accessories can make you look and feel fabulous. If you're a conscious consumer who values ethics and sustainability, Beira offers a growing collection of luxury, sustainable accessories available throughout the UK. Discover our chic accessories and what it means to be a Beira Goddess.


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An Array of Luxury Sustainable Accessories

Our range of sustainable womenswear accessories was expertly designed to complement your look. There’s something for everyone in the Beira collection—items to keep you warm in the winter, as well as accessories to wear to the workplace. Our extensive selection includes the following pieces:

  • Socks - Our hand-paired socks come in several colours to add cosiness to your outfit. Each pair is crafted with care at Caledonia Hosiery, a Scottish company that prioritises sustainability and ethical production.
  • Scarves - Scarves are the perfect way to stay warm while maintaining a keen sense of style. Beira scarves are made from the finest deadstock yarns, rich in colour and soft in texture. Each piece consists of wool and cashmere and offers exceptional comfort.
  • Knit Hats - Blustering winds are no match for our luxury knit hats. This must-have accessory is made from soft, comfortable yarn and keeps the head and ears warm all day long. Beyond function, these carefully-created hats add texture and flair to any outfit.
  • Bucket Hats - Perhaps you’re looking for luxury matching accessories for your Beira cape. In that case, we highly recommend a bucket hat. These waterproof pieces come in several colours and are backed by a lifetime warranty. A bucket hat is ideal for adding a chic touch to your wardrobe.

Designed Here in Scotland

All Beira accessories are designed in Scotland, and many draw inspiration from Scottish heritage and culture. Every piece is meant to be stylish, comfortable and a perfect fit for your everyday life. We’re proud to keep this branch of our production local and contribute to the economy here at home. However, we also extend our operations to ethically-run factories across the world, including in Italy and China.

Ideal Gifts for Him and Her

While Beira focuses mostly on women’s clothing, many of our accessories come in both men’s and women’s sizes. Our bucket hats and socks, for example, wear well for all genders. No matter the size you choose, these accessories will make the perfect gift for anyone who values sustainability, ethics and quality. With so many options, you're sure to find a gift that suits everyone's taste.

Sustainability and Ethics at the Heart of Beira

Beira is about more than just producing luxury matching coats and hats. We have a strong sense of purpose and believe we can enact tangible change in the world. The fashion industry is infamous for its amount of waste and poor treatment of garment workers. We're aiming to change the game and prioritise people and the planet over profit. Learn more about the components of our mission:


Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at Beira. Throughout the production process, we intend to minimise or eliminate waste. We do so via a circular economy model—meaning we only create new garments from ‘discarded’ materials that would otherwise go to landfills. In an effort to drastically reduce our carbon footprint, we have also taken the following measures:

  • Utilising factory downtime to maximise efficiency
  • Creating very few samples
  • Using repurposed materials to make size tags and hangers and all trims
  • Not paying to offset and remaining transparent about our actual emissions
  • Introducing sustainable shipping protocols


At Beira, we make every effort to create a positive working environment for our artisans. For one, we pay over a living wage, which is far above the industry standard. Beyond that, we cultivate a workplace full of respect and passion for the craft. We believe putting people first is crucial to an ethical enterprise.


Beira products are traceable, which means you can track the journey of materials to the finished product. We believe it’s necessary for conscious consumers to know exactly from where their clothing comes.


Beira is committed to being fully transparent about our products, prices and the production process. A lack of transparency allows companies to get away with unfair business practices and unethical supply chains. By embracing transparency, we prove to our customers that we care about people and the planet.

Find Your New Favourite Accessories Today

Our stunning collection of accessories for men and women is full of sustainable luxury pieces and by purchasing one of them you join the movement for a better fashion industry. Whether a knit hat would fit perfectly in your wardrobe or you're looking for a new scarf, be sure to shop at Beira.