Collection: Sustainable Fashion Best Sellers

Many people love investing in their clothing - seeking out new pieces for the changing seasons or getting new garments with a better fit. When you invest in new clothing, you are likely looking for something both functional and fashionable. At Beira, we add a third requirement to our wardrobe: sustainability. Our signature styles are built to last and promote sustainability and ethics at every turn. Take a look at some of our current best sellers made by skilled artisans in Scotland, Italy and China.


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A Wide Range of Garments

Beira’s collections feature a range of best-selling items, from versatile basics to statement pieces. Each garment is designed to be a wardrobe essential and stand the test of time. Our best-selling designs include:

  • Blazers & jackets
  • Knitwear
  • Capes
  • Wool coats
  • Sweaters
  • Trousers & jumpsuits
  • Accessories

 Designed Locally in Scotland

Several factors make Beira’s flagship products stand out from other fashion brands. However, a key difference is our track record of garments designed in Scotland. We are committed to keeping many of our operations local, which not only creates jobs in our communities but also decreases our carbon footprint.

Partnering With Renowned Manufacturers

Quality is just as important as fashionable designs. We work with renowned manufacturers in Italy, Scotland and China to produce the gold standard in garments. Our skilled artisans have experience working with some of the most recognisable fashion brands in the world, and we are proud to exhibit their master craftsmanship. Our factories dot the globe, and we are proud to partner with:

  • La Rocca, Italy
  • Alexander Manufacturing, Scotland
  • Sun Hing Knit, Hong Kong
  • Caledonia Hosiery, Scotland


Sustainability and Ethics Are Key to Our Purpose

Our collection is made from carefully sourced deadstock, allowing for a uniquely sustainable product. Each garment is truly one of a kind, and our artisans put their passion into every stitch. Our sustainability and ethics initiatives are meant to reinvent the fashion industry and stand apart from typical brands that abuse the planet and disrespect their people. Learn more about what we do to further our purpose:

Sustainability: Sustainability is at the forefront of our mission. We craft garments using ‘discarded’ materials from high-end factories and ensure these pieces, once considered ‘waste’, get a new life. Beyond implementing a circular economy, we use solar power, low-emission shipping protocols and repurposed size tags, all labels and finishings[1]  to minimise our carbon footprint.

Ethics: In addition to putting the planet first, we strive to treat our team members ethically. Too often, garment workers are paid far below a living wage. But at Beira, we insist on paying a fair wage for excellent craftsmanship. To further promote ethics, we cultivate a positive work environment and support enterprises in our community.

Beira: A Brand Worth Investing In

Beira is a brand that is worth investing in. Our garments are timeless, classic and designed here in Scotland. Whether you are searching for a versatile T-shirt or a stunning cape, we have something for all conscious consumers.