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Victoria Sweatshirt

Victoria Sweatshirt

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Victoria is a luxurious V front and V back neckline sweatshirt, carefully crafted with sumptuous jersey material and designed to envelope the body in warmth and comfort. Its relaxed fit lends itself perfectly to layering, while its accommodating structure caters to the curves of the female form, creating an ideal fit for those with a larger bust.


Model is a UK8/US4 she is wearing a size 8.

Model height is 5’6”/ 167cm.

This sweatshirt is designed to have an oversized, relaxed fit, making it a flattering, bum-covering length.



Crafted with cotton jersey fabric and a soft, brushed inner layer, these sweatshirts offer unparalleled comfort and opulence.

Composition: 80% Cotton and 20% Polyamide Jersey.

Washing instructions: 30 degree wash in a delicate cycle with tumble drying at a low heat.

Iron on a low heat.


This jersey cotton fabric boasts outstanding quality and designed for longevity.

Its softness is retained even after washing and extended wear, delivering dependable durability for all wardrobes.

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Design Features


    Double 'V' neckline at front and back of sweatshirt which is ideal for layering to show off a shirt or top underneath.


    Split hems are ideal for french tucks and creates a practical yet stylish design feature.


    Sleeves can be tucked in at drop shoulder hem and styled so that it looks like you're wearing 2 cascading tops.

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Styling Ideas

The Journey of Victoria Sweatshirt


Victoria is named after the inspirational woman Victoria Drummond he first woman marine engineer in the UK. She was described as to being ‘without fear or nerves.’ We hope our Victoria makes you feel invincible too. Our sweatshirts collection is designed to complement our wool and padded coats. The super soft and fluffy sweatshirt fabrics are super versatile, wash wonderfully and are super cosy.

Sustainable Circular Sourcing

Victoria is sourced in Italy from the surplus of premier luxury brands. Our reusable protocols minimize landfill waste and maximise fabric usage, providing customers with secure purchases that combine sustainability with superior quality and comfort. It's an eco-friendly alternative that allows us to craft original, limited edition designs that surpass the standards of high-end fashion.

Ethical Manufacturing

We prioritise sustainability, ensuring fair treatment of all involved in the production process. Our luxury items are crafted in Italy at the factory of our co-founder, Flavio, who is familiar with every employee. All staff earn €28 per hour, and we strive to be open concerning our standards for material sourcing, labour and animal welfare.

  • Sustainable

    Manufactured with skilled craftsmanship in Italy from luxury ‘discarded’ fabrics, our factory operates on solar energy and our shipping system reduces our environmental impact. This item has a reduced carbon footprint of 85% due to our circular sourcing approach, compared to traditional methods.

  • Ethical

    The experienced Italian artisans at our factory have an impressive history of quality, and paid properly at €28 per hour. These sweatshirts are crafted in sophisticated facilities with excellent working conditions, giving customers unparalleled confidence in their purchases.

  • Quality

    Acclaimed around the world for their unparalleled craftsmanship, our limited edition sweatshirt collection is made from premium fabrics at our Italian manufacturer. We carefully sourced only the highest quality cotton jersey fabrics to create this exceptional collection of sweatshirts.

  • Forever

    Our luxurious fabrics and timeless designs guarantee a lasting quality that will ensure these items remain a part of your wardrobe for years. Crafted with care and precision, they are a perfect addition to any closet.Available in limited editions: Burgundy 24/24, Navy 36/36, Yellow 11/11, Blue 24/24, Camel 12/12, Khaki 36/36, Grey 24/24, Green 1/1.

  • Conscious

    Our raw materials are responsibly obtained from the waste of our solar-powered Italian factory, with a distribution process designed to minimise our carbon footprint. Even the trims and tags are sourced in keeping with the circular economy with no new materials used.

  • Transparent

    By cutting out third-party vendors, we're able to offer our customers great quality goods at an honest price by eliminating any wholesale mark-ups. Traditional retail mark up price £234 vs our honest price £99.

Carbon Footprint Comparison

  • Traditional Sourcing Strategy

    4.68 kg CO2e

    Equivalent to 11 hours of TV

  • Beira Circular Sourcing Strategy

    0.68 kg CO2e

    Equivalent to 2 hours of TV

We exclusively source fabrics from discard materials, which would otherwise be sent to landfill. This, combined with our solar panels and waste shipping protocols, results in an 85% reduction in our carbon footprint for this product.

Pricing Comparison

  • Traditional Pricing of Victoria Sweatshirt


  • Beira Honest Luxury Pricing of Victoria Sweatshirt


If our Victoria Sweatshirt was sold in a department store or boutique it would in occur a wholesale mark up. We do things differently and cut out the 'middle man' and sell directly to you. This allows us to pass on a 57.7% saving for our honest luxury.