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Stripe Scarf

Stripe Scarf

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Our luxuriously knitted, ribbed scarves exude versatility, comfort, and warmth. Our esteemed wool and cashmere accessories are essential for colder days. It comes in a warm tone and a cool tone colourway to suit your complexion.


These luxurious unisex scarves, crafted in one universal size, enhance any look.


Our scarves are made from the finest deadstock yarns.

Rich in texture and colour, these timeless pieces are sure to add a touch of luxury to any look.


78% Wool 16% Cashmere 6% Polyamide.

Washing instructions: Hand wash or dry clean only.


This scarf is crafted using the finest yarn, giving it exceptional durability and ensuring it will be a winter essential for many years to come.

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Design Features


    Detailed knitted rib pattern.


    Beira stitched eye within an eye logo.


    Wrap this twice round your neck or let it fall. It’s three colours means it looks different depending on how you style it.

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Styling Ideas

The Journey of our Stripe Scarf


Antoinette, a graduate of Glasgow School of Art's renowned knitwear programme, brought her expertise in beautiful knitwear to design our Stripe Scarf. We worked closely with our factory to identify discarded, luxurious materials of the highest calibre to craft each piece carefully with a touch of effortless glamour. Antoinette designed the block stripes with the mid-tone grey-centred section to help resist makeup stains (we think of everything!) Our collaboration with the factory enables us to create a stunning block-striped scarf.

Sustainable Circular Sourcing

We always prioritise people and the planet and specialise in engineering garments from redundant materials through mindful remanufacturing and reverse resources. This helps reduce the amount of textile waste that ends up in landfills and allows us to maximise their value. For example, the Stripe Scarf was crafted from discarded wool and cashmere yarns. As a result, it increases its life cycle and extends resource efficiency.

Ethical Manufacturing

At Beira, we are delighted to employ our circular sourcing model devised in Italy, in partnership with knitwear producer Sun Hing. It is not simple to source manufacturers that are willing to employ our sourcing model. As well as putting the planet first, we are steadfast in our belief that true sustainability involves fair wages. We provide comprehensive background on our supply chain and wages and are pleased to collaborate with Sun Hing, which pays their garment workers above a living wage.

  • Sustainable

    We are now employing our Italian circular economy model in Hong Kong/China for our knitwear production, utilising waste from this area along with factory downtimes while providing employment opportunities that pay above the living wage. Carbon emissions are reduced by delivering the product by boat. The circular sourcing model has provided an 88% reduction in CO2.

  • Ethical

    Our manufacturers' downtimes are leveraged to create local employment opportunities where workers are paid properly. We are completely transparent about our supply chain, and our artisans boast years of experience working with state-of-the-art resources.

  • Quality

    Our knitwear is crafted with the most exquisite yarns by highly skilled artisans who have worked with many top luxury brands. You can expect superior quality, fine detail, and remarkable craftsmanship in each and every piece.

  • Forever

    Our considered designs offer an unrivalled level of luxury and excellence, built to last for years to come. Available in limited editions: Cool Toned Blue and Warm Toned Red Slate.

  • Conscious

    Our artisans are paid properly, providing a responsible and ethical supply chain. We minimise any waste during garment production and prioritise slower shipping methods, cutting our carbon impact.

  • Transparent

    We are committed to being transparent with our customers regarding all aspects of our operations, including worker compensation, product origin, and pricing. This transparency is essential to upholding ethical and sustainable standards. Traditional retail markup price: £270 vs our honest price: £70

Carbon Footprint Comparison

  • Traditional Sourcing Strategy

    29.15 kg CO2e

    Equivalent to 1943.33 cups of tea

  • Beira Circular Sourcing Strategy

    3.6 kg CO2e

    Equivalent to 240 cups of tea

Employing surplus yarns and trims from the production facility, we curtailed our carbon footprint by 88%.

Pricing Comparison

  • Traditional Pricing of Stripe Scarf


  • Beira Honest Luxury Pricing of Stripe Scarf


If our Stripe Scarf was sold in a department store or boutique it would in occur a wholesale mark up. We do things differently and cut out the 'middle man' and sell directly to you. This allows us to pass on a 74.1% saving for our honest luxury.