Collection: Sustainable Trousers and Jumpsuits

At Beira, we create stunning jumpsuits and trousers for women that do not compromise the environment or our artisans’ workers' rights. Learn more about our growing collection of quiet luxury trousers and jumpsuits designed, manufactured and shipped with dedication to our mission.


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Our Sustainable Luxury Trousers

We craft sustainable luxury trousers from material repurposed from high-end fashion manufacturers' waste. Although these fabrics have been left as ‘dead stock’ initially, we give them new life as beautiful, durable garments. Our trousers and jumpsuits are generously sized and are flattering on nearly every body type. Our focus on fit and function means more women can enjoy our luxury garments for longer.

Find Gorgeous Trousers for Your Next Occasion

Beira has a growing collection of sustainable luxury women's trousers. Each garment is made from 'discarded' materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. We design every garment with care right here in Scotland, and our jumpsuits are made in Italy and trousers are made in Scotland, each crafted with extreme attention to detail.

Timeless, Flattering Silhouettes

Beira's sustainable luxury trousers and jumpsuits offer timeless, classic styles designed to flatter every body shape. Our garments come in a range of cuts to complement your natural curves. Each piece is limited-edition, providing you with a unique staple to add to your wardrobe. And, because they're made with high-quality fabrics, your trousers or jumpsuit will last for years to come, making them a wise investment for any fashion-conscious woman. Their meticulous design and top-notch construction make our trousers a sustainable fashion must-have.

Using Eco-Friendly Shipping Protocols

In addition to sourcing our materials sustainably, Beira also practices eco-friendly shipping methods. We ship products using repurposed packaging and carbon-minimal methods. Our shipping process is designed to eliminate unnecessary waste, making sure that your gorgeous new outfit has minimal impact on the environment. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible and try to be transparent with our customers about our environmental impact. Other ways we strive for a more sustainable operation include:

  • Implementing design-led manufacturing and reverse resources
  • Embracing the circular economy
  • Skipping the sample phase of production
  • Reusing as many fittings as possible
  • Decorating our shop with sustainable furniture
  • Utilising manufacturer downtime for increased efficiency
  • Not imposing rejection deadlines

Leading the Charge for More Sustainable Fashion

Beira is leading the charge for more sustainable fashion, offering high-quality, luxurious garments that never compromise our ethical standards. Our commitment extends to every aspect of our brand, whether we're designing quiet luxury women's trousers or operating our shop in Scotland. Rather than support a fashion industry that encourages waste and work exploitation, we hope you'll support us in our efforts to change the industry landscape for the better.