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Maggie Jacket

Maggie Jacket

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Beira is thrilled to donate £30 from each of The Maggie Jackets directly to Smart Works Scotland.

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Introducing our ‘Maggie Jacket’ in collaboration with Smart Works Scotland, named for Maggie Darling, the Chairwoman of Smart Works Scotland and the founding Trustee of the Smart Works Charity. Maggie has been a force of change, helping women gain confidence and employment, and we couldn’t think of a better name for a jacket that conveys such a strong message. Each Maggie Jacket is a piece of this shared mission, blending our love for sustainable fashion with the empowering efforts of Smart Works.

For nearly a decade, Smart Works Scotland has supported women navigating the intimidating prospect of attending job interviews. Based in Edinburgh and Glasgow, this remarkable charity has been steadfast in its mission to ensure that any unemployed woman in need finds her way to their doorstep.

Beira is thrilled to donate £30 from each of The Maggie Jackets directly to Smart Works Scotland. 

This elegant jacket is designed for effortless beauty and is the same as our Jeanne Jacket. Its pattern is derived from the Elena model; it features a longer fit and an enhanced cut along the hips, while preserving the delightful bracelet-style sleeves. 

Featuring a three-button detail and versatile collar, which can be worn up or down to complete the look. Ideal for a casual ensemble with jeans, or paired with your most beloved dress.


Model is 5’9 and wears a size 10.

This tailored jacket is figure hugging and has a neat silhouette. 

We recommend sizing up for a comfortable fit.


Elena 8 10 12 14 16 18
Chest 96.0 100.0 104.0 108.0 113.0 118.0
Waist  85.2 87.0  89.0   91.0 93.6  96.4 
Hem 93.0 97.0 101.0 105.0 110.0 115.0
Back 66.5 68.0 69.5 71.0 72.5 74.0
Shoulder 38.3 39.5 40.7 42.0 43.3 44.5
Total Neck Circumference 47.8 49.0 50.2 51.3 52.5 53.7


Composition; Outer: 100% Cotton. Lining: 100% Polyamide.

Washing instructions: Dry clean only


Our garments are constructed of the finest-grade fabrics, with these jackets leading the way in luxury. 

The exceptional craft and tailoring of our Italian artisans ensures this garment will stand the test of time. 

The details make the difference. 

Quality, style, and comfort combine for a timeless addition to any wardrobe.

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Design Features


    Cut-away silhouette accentuates curves and creates an hourglass figure.


    Carefully positioned 3 button detail slims your figure and highlights small waist.


    Styled perfectly with a shirt to accentuate bracelet sleeve.

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Styling Ideas

The Journey of our Maggie Jacket


Starting in Italy, Antoinette collects exquisite 'discarded' fabrics to construct limited edition garments that emphasise the female silhouette. The Maggie offers a longer cut around the waistline and features our popular bracelet-style sleeves. The design unites classic elegance with everyday wearability.

Sustainable Circular Sourcing

We make people and planet a priority in all our operations, from storefronts to workplaces and throughout our supply chain. By leveraging materials that would have gone to waste, we optimise our design and sustainability. Customers enjoy premium quality and peace of mind, knowing their purchase is both socially and environmentally responsible.

Ethical Manufacturing

Our Italian artisans are paid €28 hourly, and our supply operations meet the highest standards of fairness and sustainability. We source our materials responsibly and ethically, with regard for our artisans, animal welfare, and the environment.

  • Sustainable

    This product epitomises Italian craftsmanship, meticulously designed and constructed with only discarded fabrics and trims. Our solar-powered facility, Jeanne's ‘waste’ delivery protocol, and circular procurement practices reduce its carbon footprint, on average, by 91% in comparison to traditional production processes.

  • Ethical

    Italian artisans in our factory are highly esteemed for their excellence in craftsmanship. Earning €28 per hour, their cutting-edge facilities offer optimal working conditions, granting customers complete peace of mind that their product is ethically-sourced.

  • Quality

    Our Italian manufacturer is renowned worldwide for their exemplary production of luxury outerwear. Our tailored jackets are created with extreme precision, utilising the highest grade of fabric and trims from their factory. Every jacket is the perfect combination of chic design and meticulous construction.

  • Forever

    Crafted with precision and purpose, our quality fabrics and classic designs ensure that these items stay in your wardrobe for an eternity. Invest in a level of excellence that will accompany you for years to come. Available in limited editions: Navy Velvet 41/41.

  • Conscious

    Our Italian manufacturer provides us with all the raw elements 'rescued' from other production processes. Our circular production process means no new elements or raw materials are needed for our buttons, zippers, or trims. We use 'waste' shipment methods and ensure fair payment and ethical treatment for all involved in the supply chain.

  • Transparent

    By removing the middleman (such as boutiques) and selling our products straight to customers, we are able to eliminate any additional mark-ups which enables us to provide superior quality at an honest price. Traditional retail mark up price £516 vs our honest price £320 based on direct to customer pricing.

Carbon Footprint Comparison

  • Traditional Sourcing Strategy

    82.96 kg CO2e

    Equivalent to 5530.67 cups of tea

  • Beira Circular Sourcing Strategy

    0.81 kg CO2e

    Equivalent to 54 cups of tea

We exclusively source fabrics from discard materials, which would otherwise be sent to landfill. Combined with our solar panels and waste transportation protocols, we have reduced the carbon footprint of this product on average by 91%.

Pricing Comparison

  • Traditional Pricing of Maggie Jacket


  • Beira Honest Luxury Pricing of Maggie Jacket


If our Maggie Jacket was sold in a department store or boutique it would in occur a wholesale mark up. We do things differently and cut out the 'middle man' and sell directly to you. This allows us to pass on a 38% saving for our honest luxury.