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Big Eye Gae Sweatshirt

Big Eye Gae Sweatshirt

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Crafted from cotton jersey, Gae flatters the figure with a vibrant colour-blocking. This elegant jumper is a chic masterpiece of sophistication, featuring a polo neck, slim sleeves, and detailed eye stitching. Crafted in Italy and embroidered in Edinburgh. This timeless piece is a stylish fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary flair; the perfect choice to add a touch of luxury to any wardrobe.


Model is a UK8/US4 she is wearing a size 10.

Model height is 5’6”/ 167cm.

This sweatshirt offers a neat fit, so we advise sizing up at least once or several times for a more oversized look.


Gae 8 10 12 14 16 18
Chest 94.0 98.0 102.0 106.0 110.0 114.0
Hem 72.4 76.4 80.4 84.4 88.4 92.4
Back 66.0 67.5 69.0 70.5 72.0 73.5
Shoulder 38.8 40.0 41.3 42.5 43.8 45.1
Sleeve Length 64.0 65.0 66.0 67.0 68.0 69.0
Sleeve Hem 18.8 19.4 20.0 20.6 21.2 21.8
Neck 29.6 40.6 41.4 42.4 43.4 44.4


Crafted from a luxury cotton jersey fabric with a soft-brushed cotton inside, these sweatshirts will cocoon you in irresistibly cozy ease.


80% Cotton and 20% Polyamide Jersey.

Washing instructions: 30 degree wash in a delicate cycle with tumble drying at a low heat. Iron on a low heat.


This high-quality jersey cotton fabric is durable and long-lasting.

It washes well and retains its fluffiness over time, providing a reliable staple in your wardrobe.

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Design Features


    Brushed cotton inner feels like you're getting a cuddle from a cloud every time you wear this sweatshirt according to one of our customers.


    Detailed eye embroidery, stitched here in Edinburgh.


    Neck can be folded up or down to adjust to your temperature.

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Styling Ideas

The Journey of Big Eye Gae Sweatshirt


Our Gae sweatshirts are crafted to match the wool & padded coats. The ultrasoft and fluffy fabrics are multi-functional, can be easily laundered, and offer unparalleled comfort. Taking inspiration from iconic Italian architect Gae Aulenti, whose belief—that “people make the room”—influenced the design, we believe these garments will become alive and bring lasting value when worn by our customers.

Sustainable Circular Sourcing

Gae is sourced in Italy from waste from the most pretigious luxury brands. Our rigorous remanufacturing and repurposing protocols are designed to minimise landfill waste and extend the life of fabrics, enabling us to operate sustainably yet still meet the highest standard of quality and comfort. You can trust that your purchase is making a positive contribution to society and the environment.

Ethical Manufacturing

We are firmly dedicated to sustainability, manifesting in fair treatment of people throughout our supply chain. These products are made in our Co-Founder Flavio's Italian factory. He personally knows every individual involved in crafting our luxury products. These Italian artisans receive €28 hourly. It is a fact that we prioritise staying transparent about along with our supply chain, labour, and animal welfare standards.

  • Sustainable

    Manufactured in Italy and sustainably sourced from ‘discarded’ fabric from the luxury fashion industry. The factory is entirely powered by renewables and we further cut down on carbon emissions due to our waste shipping protocol. Our circular sourcing strategy provides 85% approx. reduction in the CO2 impact compared to traditional sourcing methods.

  • Ethical

    Our skillful Italian factory staff boast an impressive history of excellence and a wealth of experience. Artisans receive €28 per hour, while ensuring quality standards and ethical working conditions are met.

  • Quality

    Recognised globally for their remarkable craftsmanship, we secured only the best fabrics from our Italian, luxury supplier to compile our exclusive sweatshirt line. High-end cotton jersey fabrics were utilised for this phenomenal assortment of sweatshirts to bring you unparalleled quality.

  • Forever

    Our intelligent designs provide durable quality and timeless elegance, made to endure. Traditional designs guarantee that these items will be staples of your wardrobe for years to come.Available in limited editions: Burgundy 10/10; Grey 10/10

  • Conscious

    Our raw components are sourced sustainably from the output of our Italian, solar-powered facility, featuring a shipment process that limits our carbon footprint. Every trim and label is acquired by utilising a circular economy approach, without introducing any new materials.

  • Transparent

    We eliminate mark-ups from middlemen by selling our limited editions directly to customers, providing them with access to amazing quality products at an honest price point. Traditional retail mark up price £366 vs our honest price £120.

Carbon Footprint Comparison

  • Traditional Sourcing Strategy

    4.98 kg CO2e

    Equivalent to 0.5 days of TV

  • Beira Circular Sourcing Strategy

    0.68 kg CO2e

    Equivalent to 3.1 days of TV

We exclusively source fabrics from discard materials, which would otherwise be sent to landfill. This, combined with our solar panels and waste shipping protocols, results in an 85% reduction in our carbon footprint for this product.

Pricing Comparison

  • Traditional Pricing of Big Eye Gae Sweatshirt


  • Beira Honest Luxury Pricing of Big Eye Gae Sweatshirt


If our Big Eye Gae Sweatshirt was sold in a department store or boutique it would in occur a wholesale mark up. We do things differently and cut out the 'middle man' and sell directly to you. This allows us to pass on a 67.2% saving for our honest luxury.