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Starry Eye Victoria Sweatshirt

Starry Eye Victoria Sweatshirt

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Starry Eye Victoria is a luxurious V-front and V-back neckline sweatshirt, crafted from premium jersey fabric for sublime warmth and comfort. Its relaxed fit offers ease of layering, while its accommodating shape follows the curves of the female figure, providing the perfect fit for those with a larger bust size. Embellished with an exquisite eye print.

Made in Italy and printed in Edinburgh.


Model is a UK8/US4 she is wearing a size 8.

Model height is 5’6”/ 167cm.

This sweatshirt has an oversized, relaxed fit that provides a flattering, full coverage length.



Expertly created with cotton jersey fabric and a softly brushed inner layer, these sweatshirts provide unbeatable coziness and luxury.

Composition: 80% Cotton and 20% Polyamide Jersey.

Washing instructions: 30 degree wash in a delicate cycle with tumble drying at a low heat.

Iron on a low heat.


This jersey cotton fabric offers premier quality and is crafted for long-term use.

Its softness is maintained even when washed and used extensively, providing dependable longevity for all wardrobe choices.

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Design Features


    Detailed print design done here in Edinburgh.


    This sweatshirt has a longer length in comparison to others which is perfect is you're looking for maximum coverage behind.


    French tuck this style into jeans for a trendy everyday look.

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Styling Ideas

The Journey of Starry Eye Victoria Sweatshirt


Named after Victoria Drummond, the UK’s pioneering female marine engineer, our Victoria sweatshirt is designed to make its wearer feel invincible. Its luxuriously soft and comfortable fabric makes it versatile, washes easily, and provides unbeatable coziness. To honour the goddess Beira, this edition features a limited edition starry eye print. Perfect for pairing with our wool and padded coats.

Sustainable Circular Sourcing

Victoria is sourced in Italy from the surplus of premier luxury brands. Our reusable protocols minimise landfill waste and maximise fabric usage, providing customers with secure purchases that combine sustainability with superior quality and comfort. It's an eco-friendly alternative that allows us to craft original, limited edition designs that surpass the standards of high-end fashion.

Ethical Manufacturing

We have a commitment to sustainability and the equitable treatment of personnel involved in production. Our luxury items are proudly made in Italy at the factory of our co-founder Flavio, who is personally familiar with his team. All personnel are paid a fair wage of €28 per hour, and we are transparent in our standards for material sourcing, labour and animal welfare.

  • Sustainable

    This product is expertly crafted from luxury ‘discarded’ fabrics in Italy in a factory powered entirely by solar energy. Our ‘waste’ shipping system is designed to minimise our environmental impact further. This coupled with out circular sourcing strategy reduces this item's carbon footprint by an impressive 85%, compared to traditional methods.

  • Ethical

    The Italian artisans in our factory boast a storied reputation for superior craftsmanship and are paid properly at €28 per hour. Their high-tech facilities ensure excellent conditions for employees and complete assurance for customers.

  • Quality

    Acclaimed globally for their unrivaled craft, our limited edition sweatshirt collection is crafted from top-grade fabrics from our Italian manufacturer. We rescue high quality cotton jersey fabrics to form this exceptional collection of sweatshirts.

  • Forever

    Our luxury fabrics and classic designs guarantee enduring quality, making these garments a staple in your closet for years. Thoughtfully designed and expertly constructed, they provide the perfect base for any look. Available in limited editions: Khaki 11/11, Grey 11/11

  • Conscious

    Our raw materials are ethically gathered from our solar-powered Italian factory's waste, and the finished product is then shipped using a protocol that reduces our carbon impact. Even the trims and tags are procured using the circular economy with no new elements employed.

  • Transparent

    By forgoing third-party vendors, we eliminate any additional mark-ups from wholesalers and therefore are able to provide our clientele with top-quality products at an honest price. Traditional retail mark up price £312 vs our honest price £120.

Carbon Footprint Comparison

  • Traditional Sourcing Strategy

    4.98 kg CO2e

    Equivalent to 12 hours of TV

  • Beira Circular Sourcing Strategy

    0.98 kg CO2e

    Equivalent to 2 hours of TV

We exclusively source fabrics from discard materials, which would otherwise be sent to landfill. This, combined with our solar panels and waste shipping protocols, results in an 85% reduction in our carbon footprint for this product.

Pricing Comparison

  • Traditional Pricing of Starry Eye Victoria Sweatshirt


  • Beira Honest Luxury Pricing of Starry Eye Victoria Sweatshirt


If our Starry Eye Victoria Sweatshirt was sold in a department store or boutique it would in occur a wholesale mark up. We do things differently and cut out the 'middle man' and sell directly to you. This allows us to pass on a 61.5% saving for our honest luxury.