• International Women's Day & Giveaway

    It’s International Women’s Day – a day to honour and celebrate the cultural, social, economic and political achievements of women. 
  • Profits and pollution: The truth about fashion’s pandemic

    The world’s top 20 fashion brands raked in record profits last year, as millions of garment workers lost their jobs. Meanwhile, the longed-for climate benefits of the industrial slowdown have failed to materialise. What exactly is going on – and what can WE do about it?
  • What Brexit means for small business…

    Our Co-Founders latest post for The Flock Magazine    As speculation about the possibility of a no deal Brexit mounts, for small businesses, so do...
  • The power of presents - The Flock

    This article was written by our co-founder Antoinette for Flock Magazine.  The power of presents We know, we don’t want to mention the C word yet ...
  • The Flock Magazine - A journey to sustainability

    The Flock Magazine - A journey to sustainability
  • Online Fashion Show

    Exclusive online fashion show 3rd September 2020.
  • The Flock Magazine -The true value of fashion

    The true value of fashion
  • The Flock Magazine - I'll shed no tears for Boohoo

    I'll shed no tears for Boohoo
  • Beira keynote at Responsible Luxury Summit in Milan

    Responsible Luxury Summit - Read all about our incredible week.
  • We are open!!!

    Our new home (for the week) - 17 Dundas Street.

    31st October to 6th November 

  • Exciting news! We are hosting our first pop up in Edinburgh!

    Beira Popping Up in Edinburgh Soon!
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