Sustainable Technical Winter Jackets

Sustainable Technical Winter Jackets

The holidays are here and winter is beginning. It’s a wonderful time of year to get out there and enjoy winter sports, a nice hike, a ride on a sledge, and all that winter has to offer.

This winter let’s be driven not only by our love of all things festive but also our desire to promote the environment and a more sustainable fashion industry. Sporty, stylish, and functional, here are some sustainable winter coats you can feel good about.

Francesca Padded Jacket

Function and fashion collide with the Francesca Padded Jacket. This coat is perfectly paired with jeans and a sweater, but also goes beautifully over a long or short dress. Featured in navy and black, grey and black and a new grey, so it will be easy to find a sustainable winter coat to fit your style or colour palette. The navy and black is bold in all the right ways. It does seem like sometimes you have to choose between navy and black, but with this block colour pattern of both navy and black, you’re given a versatile option that goes with everything.

Designed with an athletic or pear-shaped body in mind, long lean lines give this coat the warmth you need to make it through the winter paired with the sleek look that is sure to flatter the figure. Windproof and water resistant, you will not have to worry about catching a chill with this beautiful sustainable women’s winter coat.

Here’s something else you don’t have to worry about: your carbon footprint. At Beira, we use ‘waste’ materials and fabrics to create the Francesca, reducing its carbon footprint by 93% compared to conventional procurement methods.

Beatrice Padded Jacket

If a long coat isn’t for you and you need something with a little more freedom of movement, the Beatrice Padded Jacket may be a good choice for you. In two styles, both using block colours, grey and Dunbay, grey and quiet grey and Milano black, this jacket lightly grazes the hips creating an A-line shape that flatters. Windproof and water resistant, this jacket also has a warm lining and ribbed, stretchy knitted cuffs for snug comfort and insulation from the elements.

Created by Antoinette who started in Italy to find the right materials, the Beatrice Padded Jacket was created using high-end ‘waste’ fabrics. On brand for Beira, all of the materials used to make this jacket were sustainably sourced making this a 100% sustainable winter jacket. The beautiful Italian craftsmanship that is put into this coat makes it sophisticated and functional.

Elisie Wool Coat

The glamour of the Elisie Wool Coat will mean you are stepping out for the holidays in style. Available in crossbill red with red check and castle grey with yellow check, these bold colours are bound to pop in the snowy, grey landscape of winter. This limited-edition coat features a detachable hood, vertical zippered discrete pockets and popper buttons. It is fully lined and padded providing incomparable warmth for those winter walks. Functional but lovely, this coat meets all the requirements of stylish winter wear.

Some additional insight into this design. All our garments are named after inspirational women, this was named after the Scottish doctor and suffragist, Elisie Inglis. Elisie was subjected to terrible conditions and some very hard times, but always kept a positive outlook. She overcame her challenges and we are also trying to overcome the challenges of the fashion industry.

Grace Quilted Raincoat

It’s about to be the rainy season and it’s time to find a way to stay dry. We recommend the Grace Quilted Raincoat.

Available in harlaw black and harlaw red,  this limited-edition item pairs beautifully with a pair of jeans and a jumper or with a winter dress and tights. The Grace Quilted Raincoat has a detachable padded hood and vertical zipped pockets which gives a fitted silhouette and tapered waist. Adding to that sleek line, the buttons close tightly completing the look of this sustainable rainwear.

With all of these options, there’s no chance you’ll be cold this winter! And your heart will be warmed as well, knowing that you have contributed to sustainable winterwear. All of our products are sourced sustainably. We prioritise the planet and the people who work for us. By creating luxury garments using ‘waste’ fabrics and materials, we are using something that already exists.

The cold weather doesn’t know what it’s up against with these quality coats in your possession. You will be cosy, warm, and dry in your sustainable winter outerwear.



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