Miked Up with Alison Walker Podcast

Miked Up with Alison Walker Podcast

Alison Walker of Scottish EDGE chats to Antoinette Fionda-Douglas who co-founded Beira to create ethical and sustainable luxury fashion by repurposing discarded materials. As a UN-accredited expert on sustainability, Antoinette's dedication to reducing fabric waste and embracing the circular economy is fundamental to her brand and has resulted in an 85% reduction in carbon impact compared to traditional manufacturing processes.

Antoinette has had to overcome numerous personal and professional challenges to realise her vision of a planet and people-first approach that prioritises transparency in pricing, selling directly to consumers, and paying artisans a fair wage.

It is through this commitment that Beira holds true to its claim of being not just a brand but a movement and a call for change, advocating for ‘honest luxury.’

Listen at the following link, or wherever you get your podcasts: linktr.ee/mikedupwithaw

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