Holiday Season Sustainable Glam Outfits

Holiday Season Sustainable Glam Outfits

A chill is in the air, everywhere you go is lit up beautifully, and winter 2023 is here! And we are here for every second of it! It’s time for office holiday parties, Christmas Eve celebrations, New Years Eve festivities, and any other festive events you plan to attend. And speaking of New Years Eve, how about those resolutions? Is one of yours to live more responsibly? How about buying more sustainable fashion? At Beira you can find a way to live that glam life while also promoting sustainability in fashion as well as an ethical workplace for artisans. We collaborate with factories and fashion professionals to obtain and use the highest quality fashion ‘waste’ to craft our garments. Your one-stop shop for sustainable Christmas glam, Beira is ready to get you to that party in style!

Elena Jacket

This item is our best-seller, the Elena Jacket is the perfect addition to any outfit you’d wear to any celebration. Ideal for more slight figures, this jacket features a funnelled neckline and cut-away shape to show off that hourglass figure. With bracelet sleeves that are ¾ length, there’s plenty of arm-room for a chunky statement or stackable bracelets.

Always sustainably sourced, this glam look has been created in a variety of colour ways and fabrics (from black and grey velvet to wool) so you can take your pick from any of the fabrics that were used. Antoinette sourced these fabrics in Italy from ‘discarded’ materials that are then crafted into limited-edition pieces to finish out this sustainable glamorous look.

Marina Dress

Pairing beautifully with the Elena Jacket, the Marina Dress is a glam look that will be sure to turn heads. This dress was designed by Antoinette and shows off every figure type. This beautiful, belted shirt dress has all the drama that you want to bring to that Christmas party, with the quiet elegance any glamour girl knows how to carry with her look. A side zip and a tie belt are some of the convenient features of the dress.

And, it has pockets! Every woman loves pockets in a dress. Functional, but not bulky, these pockets will serve their purpose without weighing you down. There’s still an effortless flow to this dress.

Get ready to catch some attention at that festive occasion!

Co-ord set: Mari Top and Anna Skirt

Inspired by the Marina Dress, the Mari Top can be paired with the Anna Skirt or worn separately. Perfect for a holiday brunch, this top’s appeal is the versatility it offers. It can be worn three different ways. It can be completely buttoned up, worn open all the way, or left partially open and worn with a flower button cover that is sold with every top. This allows for buttoning the bottom only and leaving the shirt open with a tank, cami, or another kind of top underneath.

As for the Anna Skirt, it is the short version of the Marina dress. It has a pleated style with pockets. It can be worn with the matching Mari Top, or it can be paired with another top for effortless glamour.

Maggie Jacket

The Maggie Jacket is the product of a special collaborative effort with Smart Works Scotland. This jacket was named after Maggie Darling who is their chairwoman. Smart Works Charity helps women of Scotland find employment opportunities and gain the confidence they need to secure gainful employment.

This jacket is the epitome of sustainable glamour. This is chic, sleek, and stylish. The three-button design lends itself to being worn in several different ways. It has a much longer line than the Elena jacket and Elongates your silhouette. Designed and created by Antoinette, this jacket was made using gorgeous ‘discarded’ fabrics so these fabrics wouldn’t end up in a land fill.

This jacket is the key to your sustainable holiday glamour when it comes to New Years Eve! Pair it with jeans for a casual get together. For a fancier party, pair it with a sparkly dress or a boldly colored dress and get ready to make a scene, in the best way.


Let’s talk about sustainable glam. At Beira we value sustainability, our approach aligns with the growing awareness and importance of sustainability in the fashion industry.

Creating an atmosphere of sustainability and ethical work values reflects the deep concern the co-founders of Beira share regarding the impact of fashion on the environment as well as social justice issues.

To learn more about or be a part of our collaborative community with efforts to promote sustainability in quiet luxury fashion, visit our website. Or if you’re in the neighbourhood, visit our flagship store at 15 Comley Bank Road, Stockbridge, Edinburgh, EH4 1DS.

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