Beira Annual Fashion Show at Dovecot Studios

Beira Annual Fashion Show at Dovecot Studios

Beira Annual Fashion Show in the UK

See the New Standard in Sustainable Fashion

Beira is setting the new standard in sustainable fashion, and we're inviting conscious consumers from all over the UK to attend our annual fashion show. This fashion extravaganza promises an unforgettable evening of style, art, and immersive experiences. We're excited to host 2024's even at the exquisite Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh this March. A slew of sights and activities are included in the ticket price, from an art exhibition to networking opportunities. Get ready to immerse yourself in fashion, fine art, and a memorable evening.

What to Expect at Beira's Annual Fashion Show

Beira's annual fashion show is more than just a catwalk. We've organised an event that puts sustainable, honest luxury on full display. When you purchase tickets to the 2024 event, you'll be set to enjoy an evening of the following:


Our sustainable fashion show in Edinburgh kicks off with an exclusive exhibition of "The Andy Warhol: Textiles". Attendees will have an exclusive chance to explore iconic textiles crafted by the legendary artist. This portion of the event is a great way to whet your appetite for what's to come.

The Show 

It's time for the main event—our show featuring stunning made-in-Scotland fashion. Witness a unique and intimate salon-style fashion show on Dovecot's luxurious viewing balcony. You'll see all the latest trends and styles showcased in a breath-taking setting.


Look 1: Nadia Cape in Light Blue, with Ada Jumper and Wide Leg Pant 

Look 2: Pink Nadia Cape, Astrid and Michelle Camel Pink, Cigarette Trousers

Look 3: Nadia Cape Red and Rosa Bucket Hat, Ada Off-White/Navy, Navy Wide Leg Trousers 

Look 4:  Royal Blue Nadia Cape and Rosa Bucket Hat, Michelle Grey/Blue, Cigarette Pants

Look 5: Alexis Green, Gae Khaki Green, Cigarette Pants

Look 6: Grace Black, Astrid Grey/Blue

Look 7:  Beatrice Quiet Grey, Victoria Grey, Cigarette Pants

Look 8: Alexis Blue, Victoria Navy 

Look 9: Francesca Grey, Ada Navy/Off-White, Navy Wide Leg Trousers

Look 10:  Astrid Camel Pink, Michelle Camel Pink, Cigarette Pants 

Look 11: Ada Off-White/Navy, Navy Wide Leg Pant

Look 12: Michelle Grey/Blue, Cigarette Pants 

Look 13: Frida Navy, Valentina Stripe, Cigarette Pants

Look 14: Luisa Beige, Astrid Camel Pink

Look 15: Luisa White, Astrid Grey/Blue, Cigarette Pants

Look 16: Amelia Beige, Valentina Polka Dot

Look 17: Amelia Green, Gunay Shirt Cream

Look 18: Nadia Cape Navy Silk, Gunay Shirt Red, Cigarette Pants, Rosa Navy/Silk Bucket Hat

Look 19: Frida Black, Gunay Shirt Black 

Look 20:  Amelia Black, Gunay Shirt WhiteKhaki Wide Leg Trousers 

Look 21: Gloria Black Shirt 

Look 22: Emma Floral Shirt

Look 23: Monique Grey/White, Elena Black Velvet 

Look 24: Elena Jacket Grey, Marina Dress Taupe

Look 25: Monique Blazer Lilac/Green, Marianna Black, Vest Black 

Look 26: Marina Dress Navy

Look 27: Maggie Blue, Valentina DotKhaki Wide Leg Trousers

Look 28: Emma Floral Shirt, Floral Vest, Anna Skirt Light Blue

Look 29: Anna Skirt Lilac, Floral Vest 

Look 30: Marina Dress Lilac

Look 31: Flora Blue Check 

Look 32: Flora Blue Stripe

Look 33: Lyndsey Shirt Dress White and Peach

Look 34: Isabella Yellow Check

Look 35: Flora Red Stripe

Look 36: Mari Top and Anna Skirt

Look 37: Kate Lime Green

Look 38: Charlotte Mid Dress Pink

Look 39: Charlotte Mid Dress Lime

Look 40: Kate Long Dress White


Shopping Opportunities

Now that you've seen some of the best pieces Beira has to offer, it's time to shop! Attendees will indulge in a retail therapy session and have the opportunity to shop the new collection. You'll discover curated pieces that blend artistry, Scottish fashion, and, of course, sustainability. Our collections often include all types of garments, such as:

Fine Art

Throughout the night, you'll experience the seamless fusion of fine art and fashion. We've created a visual feast for art and style enthusiasts alike!

Sustainable Goodies

Attendees won't leave Beira's annual fashion show empty-handed! As a token of our commitment to sustainability, each guest will receive special goody bags filled to the brim with eco-friendly delights and surprises. We hope these trinkets will remind you of Beira's dedication to putting the planet first.


Meet some of the leaders in Scottish sustainable fashion! At the conclusion of the show, attendees will have time to enjoy the finest fizz while mingling with fellow fashion enthusiasts and industry insiders. Be sure to network, share your thoughts, and simply enjoy art and fashion in an elegant setting.

Save the Date for the 2024 Show! 

We could not be more excited about our sustainable fashion show here in Scotland. Our team has planned every element, and we're ready to welcome conscious consumers from all over the UK. Make sure to note these details for our upcoming event:

  • Location—Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh
  • Date—Saturday, March 9, 2024
  • Time—17:00-21:00

Start Curating Your 2024 Wardrobe Today 

As 2023 comes to a close and we look forward to 2024 fashion trends, it's time to start curating your wardrobe. Beira is proud to offer garments that are versatile and stylish yet will last multiple seasons. When you buy from us, you're investing in a more sustainable future. Not only do our business practices maintain a low carbon footprint, but they minimise the need for mass-produced products that will only end up in landfills. Start shopping our current collections today, or get excited to see some big reveals at our 2024 sustainable fashion show.

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