Empowering Women in the UK Job Market: Insights from the 2023 Smart Works Unemployment Index

Empowering Women in the UK Job Market: Insights from the 2023 Smart Works Unemployment Index

Beira's Commitment to Empowering Women

Here at Beira, our mission revolves around making a positive impact in the lives of women. We're delighted to express our unwavering support for Smart Works, a charity dedicated to empowering unemployed women in the UK. Together, we believe in fostering a community where every woman has the opportunity to thrive. Today, we're thrilled to share the profound insights uncovered in the 2023 Smart Works Unemployment Index, a collaborative effort that aligns seamlessly with our commitment to empowering women.

Understanding Unemployment: A Year-Long Exploration

The 2023 Smart Works Unemployment Index is a product of profound analysis involving 3,784 conversations with women supported by Smart Works throughout the year. This extensive research offers a unique glimpse into the challenges faced by unemployed women in the UK, building upon the foundations laid by the 2022 pilot study.

Exploring Key Themes: Experiencing Unemployment, Confidence, and Job Meaning

This year's edition delves into three critical themes: experiencing unemployment, the importance of confidence, and the profound meaning attached to having a job. The analysis is accompanied by recommendations aimed at instigating positive changes in the employment landscape for women.

Key Insights and Recommendations: Bridging the Employment Gap

Experiencing Unemployment:
- On average, clients applied for 33 jobs before finding work, showcasing the resilience required in the job search process.
- Parental challenges, particularly the financial burden of childcare, emerged as a significant factor.
- A notable shift towards lower-paid and lower-skilled work, with popular choices in Health and Social Care, Administration, and Customer Service.
- Regional disparities, especially for those outside London, revealed fewer opportunities.

The Importance of Confidence:
- 56% of clients felt less confident after the job application process, underscoring the emotional toll of unemployment.
- Challenges of under-qualification and over-qualification were prevalent, with specific impacts on disabled clients, younger individuals, and those over 50.

The Meaning of Having a Job:
- Seeking purpose and identity remains a primary motivation for employment.
- 65% of clients secured jobs within a month of their Smart Works appointment, with variations among demographic groups.

SmartWorks Recommendations:
- Clear job descriptions with upfront details on salary, location, and flexibility are crucial.
- Offering reimbursement for application-related costs can alleviate financial burdens.
- Advertise all roles where unemployed individuals can easily access them, regardless of qualifications.
- Providing useful and objective feedback to unsuccessful job applicants is key to supporting ongoing professional development.

Conclusion: A Call to Action
As a result of the profound insights gained from the 2023 Smart Works Unemployment Index, we urge employers to consider implementing these recommendations. Let's work together to create a more inclusive and supportive job market for all. Beira is proud to stand with Smart Works, championing positive changes that empower women in their journey towards employment.

If you want to view the whole report then please click on the link below. https://smartworks.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/Smart-Works-Unemployment-Index-2023.pdf

Together, let's make a difference.

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