Inspirational Women Series: #11 Rona McMillan

Inspirational Women Series: #11 Rona McMillan

This week, for the 11th feature in our ‘Inspirational Women’ series, we were lucky enough to have a chat with digital content creator Rona McMillan.

 Rona has always been incredibly interested in blogging and content creation. Her journey began when she used to share images of her travels with family and friends and then eventually went on to create her own travel blog. After graduating, Rona went into a job in digital marketing, thanks to her blogging experience, where she gained all of the necessary skills to set up her own business.

Rona now runs KOMME, a social media management business. Here, Rona guides other small businesses with steps on how to grow their social media presence and following.

In the interview, we find out a bit more about Rona’s story, as well as her techniques to stay motivated and how she has become the strong, independent and successful businesswoman that she is today. 

We love how Rona celebrates her wins - “A glass of fizz, always! Followed by a dunk in the Loch the following day!”


Rona in Clara in Beige
Rona in Clara in Camel

Q - Can you tell us about your digital creation role? 

A - I use Instagram as a platform to document and share small snippets of my life. Although I have absolutely no technical skills, I have always loved taking photos – so it’s the perfect media outlet for that! 

I also work day-to-day managing other people’s social media – so I suppose that’s my excuse for having such high Screen Time at the end of the week! 

Q - How did you end up becoming a digital ‘goddess’?

A - I think by being a bit of a ‘yes’ woman. After I graduated I had no idea what to do with my degree, so I applied for every job I could find that looked remotely creative. I landed a really good job in digital marketing thanks to my experience in blogging and Instagram, and I learnt everything I needed to know to start my own business over the years. 

Rona in Clara in Blue
Rona in Clara in Blue

Q - What is your personal story? How have you gotten to where you are today?

A - Before Instagram was the platform it is today, I used it to share travel photos while I was in Australia so that my family could see what I was up to. Friends from home then began asking for travel recommendations, so I started a blog. I kept it up when I got home and continued to share articles and images of trips around Scotland. Fast forward to now, blogging looks a lot more like an Instagram feed, and I share a lot more than just travel – it’s also turned into a part-time job which is fun! 

Q - What do you love most about your job(s)?

A - Creativity! As I mentioned, I also work in social media management. I started my own company called ‘KOMME’ to help other small businesses grow their social platforms. I love the creativity that goes into it, from content creation and curation, to writing and supporting interesting brands. There’s never a dull day, nor two days the same! 

I also love working on brand campaigns within my own personal account. Everything from concept, to styling, shooting, editing and writing copy – it’s always a fun challenge. 

Rona in Drida in Beige
Rona in Drida in Beige

Q - Can you tell us about your life achievements to date?

A - I suppose my biggest achievement to date is starting my own company. KOMME, began at the beginning of the year and I’m really proud of what it’s grown into in this short time! 

 At KOMME, we manage social media accounts for other businesses who may not have the time or know how to do it themselves. It’s been a great way to connect with local businesses and build a community of creatives in and around Glasgow. 

 Q - How do you celebrate your wins? 

A - A glass of fizz, always! Followed by a dunk in the Loch the following day! 

Q - How do you deal with the losses? 

A - I try to adopt a forward-thinking attitude as much as I can. It’s not always easy, but we learn from losses and the same mistakes aren’t often made twice! 

Rona in Elena in Hemlock Brown Boucle Wool
Rona in Elena in Hemlock Brown Boucle Wool

Q - How do you balance work and life responsibilities?

A - I try to stick to fairly sociable working hours, so I have plenty of time for family and friends. I’ve quickly learned there’s no such thing as time off when running a business, but giving myself flexibly in the working day does make the balance a lot easier. 

Rona in Clara in Blue
Rona in Clara in Blue


Q - How do you motivate yourself? Whether that is after a really tough day, juggling work or just having to cook a meal at the end of a long lockdown day? What are your coping strategies? 

A - I think my motivation is fuelled mostly by keeping myself feeling good both mentally and physically – sleep is the biggest factor, closely followed by good food, exercise, and lots of water.


Rona in Victoria in Navy
Rona in Victoria in Navy

Q - What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

A - Read – I can even hear my mums voice saying it! 

 Q - Can you name some of the incredible women who have inspired you and tell us why they have made such an impact on your life?

A - I’m inspired mostly by the incredible women who are in my life every day. I am so lucky to work with women from many different business backgrounds. I’m inspired by their motivations, their creativity and their positive approach to life. 

 I also have an amazing group of friends who are all very kind, caring and generous – I learn from them all the time. Not to mention my mum, who is incredibly strong, clever and endlessly kind.


Rona in Drida in Beige
Rona in Drida in Beige
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