We believe that customers should be aware of not only how their clothes were made, but also how much they cost to make. 

As an ethical and transparent fashion brand, we will reveal the true costs at every stage of our production process. We even include our mark up which is only 3-4 times. Far less than the traditional retailer pricing strategy of  5-7 times.

Radical Price Transparency


As we source our fabrics and trims from the luxury industries waste we pass on this discounted price to our customer. 

Labels & Swing Tickets

We made our labels and unique swing tickets from the waste from our production. Completely embracing the circular economy. 


We are made in Italy by artisans. The cost of labour  and the manufacturers mark up reflects this.

Packaging, Transport & Delivery

The cost of getting the product to the UK and then you our customer in a reasonable and ethical manner

Our Mark Up

We believe in radical transparency and an honest price for our products. We apply a 3-4 times mark up far less than the traditional 5-6 times mark up. 

Final Price

This is the price paid by you, our goddesses. We are proud to be fair, honest and transparent to all stakeholders.

Lets Compare

Alicia Coat

Let's compare the price of our wool Alicia coat. 

The differences explained...

Fabric & Trims: As we source and buy our raw materials through embracing a circular economy strategy -  it is more cost effective. The price of the traditional retailer is the cost of purchase this same fabric directly from the fabric supplier or mill. We pass this saving onto you in an honest and transparent manner.

Labels & Swing: The cost of the livery for each product. 

Labour: The cost of labour (cutting, sewing, packing & handling) for the Alicia coat is £54.00 per coat. The manufacturer mark up is 1.5%. This is a fair pay. We are very proud of this. Ethics starts with paying people fairly. 

Packaging, Transport and Delivery: We transport from Italy to the UK. Recycled cardboard boxes, and NO single use plastic packaging will be used. Ever.

Mark Up: We only sell direct to our Beira Goddesses. This means we can be very honest, open and transparent with our pricing. Traditional retail pricing strategy involves more stages in getting the product to the end customer. This increases the markup. The above example is based on 6x. Please note that the mark-up is NOT profit. It includes all the operational costs (marketing, website, transactional costs research & development, travel, operating costs, professional services, cost of returns etc.). After all our start up operating costs we will have £126 approx in profit for this jacket. 

Final Price: The price you pay. 

Price Comparison Disclaimer:  We have compared prices only on this LIKE FOR LIKE product – products  of the same specification. The traditional retailer does not refer to any particular brand or retailer but presents an example based on the current price strategy within the fashion industry (Dec 2018).  Price comparisons are therefore for personal use and guidance only and do not tie us into any contractual obligation. Liability for errors, omissions or consequential loss is expressly disclaimed.