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At Beira, we offer our collection of luxury women’s wool coats that don't feed into the wasteful norms of the fashion industry. Our sustainable wool coats are designed right here in Scotland and manufactured in Italy using ‘waste’ fabrics and materials from high-end fashion manufacturers in our circular sourcing method. We aim to revolutionise the way we consume fashion by creating long-lasting garments that encourage you to buy less and buy better. Explore our wool coat collection and how our approach makes an impact.


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Classic, Timeless Designs to Be Loved for a Lifetime

Each of our luxury women's wool coats is made with outstanding quality in mind. Every garment is designed for maximum functionality and timeless style. While each wool coat has unique elements, you can count on the following hallmarks:

  • Knitted cuffs to provide extra warmth
  • A range of neutral and bold colours
  • Exceptional comfort
  • Durable fabrics and excellent craftsmanship

Designed in Scotland, Made in Italy

Our luxury, sustainable wool coats are designed in Scotland and manufactured in Italy. In fact, Beira's co-founder, Flavio Forlani, owns our Italian factory, La Rocca. La Rocca is acclaimed worldwide for its top-tier outerwear. Every coat produced at this factory uses the finest fabrics sourced from 'discarded' materials, and our artisans use the utmost care to craft our wool coats. The result is a stunning combination of style, function, and sustainability.

Choose Limited-Edition Garments

Our luxury women’s wool coats are unlike what you might find at a traditional retailer. The key difference is in the production. Our wool coats are made from the highest quality Italian wool ‘rescued’ from a life in the landfill. Even the zips, buttons, and trims come from deadstock obtained through circular sourcing. Each of our garments is limited-edition - we only manufacture a few of them, and every piece is unique. When you buy from Beira, you can be sure you're receiving a premium wool coat that is truly special.

What Makes an Ethical Wool Coat?

Beira is proud to create ethical wool coats. For us, ethical production means staying aware of the social issues surrounding the fashion industry and treating all people with respect. At our factories, we're dedicated to paying artisans what they deserve. Our skilled professionals are paid well above living wage and treated with the highest respect. In all our operations, we lead with reverence for the environment and kindness to people.

Our Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability and ethical manufacturing are two of our top priorities, but these concepts are not one and the same. While ethics refers to the social impact of fashion, sustainability refers to the environmental issues around mass production. Our team is committed to running a sustainable operation that honours the planet. Over the years, we have made great strides in low-to-no-waste fashion. Our sustainability objectives include:

  • Embracing a circular economy—using only 'discarded' materials to produce new garments
  • Maintaining a minimal carbon footprint
  • Using solar panels to power our Italian factory
  • Selling directly to customers—no middleman

A Leader in Honest Luxury

Whether you are looking for a high-end wool coat or simply some comfortable socks, Beira is your source for sustainable fashion with strong ethics. We are dedicated to 'honest luxury,' the idea that luxury fashion can be both transparent and responsible. We take full responsibility for our impact on the environment and offer transparent production and pricing processes. Our co-founders are committed to changing the fashion industry one garment at a time, and by purchasing from us, you're contributing to our mission.