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Our mission is to revolutionise the fashion industry, one sustainably and ethically produced garment at a time. We take great pride in the fact that our knitwear is crafted in Asia, where we have successfully replicated our circular model within our factory located in Hong Kong. In doing so, we're addressing a critical issue within the industry – the majority of waste is generated in Asia, making it paramount for us to make a significant difference and disrupt the norms of the fashion industry in this region.

We are committed to ensuring that our artisans in Asia are paid a living wage, recognising their valuable contributions to our team. We highly value our amazing team in Asia and are proud to be at the forefront of change in locations that need it the most. By carefully selecting premium-grade yarns of wool and cashmere through our sustainable circular sourcing methods, we minimise fashion waste, guaranteeing that our women's knitwear not only offers exceptional softness but is also made to last.


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Sourced From Premium-Grade Yarns

At Beira, quality is everything. We source our yarns from the best suppliers around the world, and nothing less than perfection goes into our sustainable luxury knitwear. All our garments use premium wool and cashmere and are crafted in China with the utmost attention to detail.

Decades of Experience Behind Every Stitch

Craftsmanship is an essential part of making a beautiful piece of knitwear. The artisans who staff our factory partner in Hong Kong come to us with decades of experience in the fashion industry. Many have worked with leading luxury brands in the past. Over the years, they have honed their skills to perfect every detail of our designs. From selecting the perfect yarns to creating intricate patterns and finishing touches, each piece is thoughtfully crafted to create a unique and luxurious experience. We believe that the quality of each stitch makes all the difference in creating something truly memorable.

Softness Beyond Your Expectations

When you put on Beira knitwear, you'll feel a difference in the softness and comfort of the fabric. Our blend of top-tier fabrics and luxury craftsmanship makes our pieces stand out from other knitwear brands. Our knits are incredibly comfortable to wear—they're super-soft and tactile and never itchy on the skin. Once you put on a Beira garment, you'll never want to take it off.

Mastering the Details

Our goal is to create products that you'll want to keep in your wardrobe for decades. We hope our customers will even pass down Beira garments to their children. In an effort to ensure our pieces stand the test of time, we focus on perfecting the details. Our women's sustainable knitwear is thoughtfully designed, with the right necklines, long-lasting ribbed cuffs and supportive shoulder lines. Some of our pieces feature lantern sleeves that balloon out between the wrist and elbow, while others follow a sleeker yet relaxed fit. Our attention to detail and commitment to mastering our craft results in flattering designs that work on all body types.

Using a Sustainable Circular Economy Model

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond just using sustainably sourcing high-quality yarns. We also incorporate a circular economy model that allows us to reduce waste and emissions. Instead of using brand-new fabrics and trims for each garment, we repurpose 'discarded' materials from high-end factories. We're proud to have replicated our Italian circular economy in China, as this production process minimises waste, maximises manufacturer downtime and provides jobs for garment workers. Our dedication to sustainability has seen excellent results so far—our knitwear produced via the circular economy boasts a 60% reduction in carbon emissions.

Passionate About Honest Luxury

At Beira, we believe that luxurious fashion can and should be ethical and sustainable. Our team is passionate about creating garments that are both beautiful and thoughtful. We believe in transparent pricing and do not succumb to fast fashion trends, preferring to carefully create timeless pieces you'll treasure for years. Our classic, quality designs will stand the test of time, unlike trend-driven pieces. Throughout our design and production processes, we're sure to lead with compassion, especially regarding our artisans. We pay above a living wage and ensure we're always putting people before profit.

Support Sustainable Fashion Today

When you shop with Beira, you're not just buying another sweater or knit hat. You are joining us in supporting sustainable fashion and ethical practices. Our women's sustainable luxury knitwear minimises harm and we believe in the beauty of slow fashion and in creating garments made to last. Become a conscious consumer, a Goddess, today when you shop Beira's knitwear collection.