Chapter Two  - The Beginnings

Chapter Two - The Beginnings

The story begins with the two founders of the brand, Flavio Forlani and Antoinette Fionda-Douglas, trying to solve three problems; how to produce beautiful timeless clothing that is ethically and sustainably sourced and doesn’t cost the earth?

Sustainability: Flavio, the owner of the Italian luxury manufacturer La Rocca, was increasingly concerned about fabric waste and wanted to minimise his impact on the planet. So Beira sources all the raw materials through embracing the circular economy.

Beauty:Inspired by this sustainable concept, they decided create limited edition products using the finest fabrics and beautiful tailored designs rooted in Italian craftsmanship. Beira focuses on timeless investment womenswear for the discerning conscious consumer.

Transparency:Beira has adopted a radical approach to pricing transparency that allows its customers to see what makes up the cost of each beautiful crafted piece of the collection.

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