Two local female designers open shop in Bruntsfield.

Two local female designers open shop in Bruntsfield.

Meet Mardy Bum Active Club and Beira, two female led businesses who met at the Egg & Co. store earlier this year. Both enjoyed their time so much in the George Street store that they decided to embark on their own collaboration together.

Both brands will be popping up for six months in Bruntsfield. When the space came available Anna and Antoinette both wanted to create a dynamic and exciting shopping experience, bringing in the community and proudly presenting their own designs and products.

Inside this beautiful new store you will discover the their two amazing sustainable and ethical brands. Beira offers luxury womenswear designed by Antoinette co-founder of Beira (as seen in Channel Four Luxury for Less and on the catwalks of New York this year). All of Beira’s products are ethically produced in Italy using luxury fabrics left over by top end designers. Mardy Bum Active Club’s premium activewear is designed by Anna who invests in on-shoring, a very important ethical issue in fashion, as her products are made in the U.K. 

Both Anna and Antoinette have retail experience from some of the high streets biggest names, their experience and passion led them both to taking steps to create their own brands. Sharing similar ethics of knowing who makes their products and being careful not to overproduce using stock or waste materials, both brands compliment each other.

Anna said ‘We are really excited to open the doors this week to the vibrant and stylish street in the South of Edinburgh.’ Antoinette added ‘… we are so grateful to Kylie and the Egg team as we never would have met or created this new beautiful space without the introduction and confidence gained through Egg & Co’ 

We had jute bags made for the store which read “It’s All About Human Kindness Bruntsfield” - this is the core behind everything our brands do. It’s about great fashion that enhances people’s lives - from the people who make to the the people who wear it. It’s about who makes our clothes and what it’s made from. It’s about minimising harm and being KIND to the people and our planet”.


Come visit the sustainable fashion pop-up at 140 Bruntsfield Place.

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