Transitional Styling Sustainable Jackets

Transitional Styling Sustainable Jackets

Sustainable Women's Waterproof Coats for 2024

As consumers around the world become more conscious of sustainability, the fashion industry must adapt. It is one of the most wasteful industries, and therefore, it's imperative we take steps to reduce waste and protect the environment. At Beira, we take the challenge of minimising waste seriously. Our collections are never mass-produced and are designed to last you for years. Our collection of sustainable women's waterproof coats is no exception. These garments feature stylish silhouettes, unmatched quality, and sustainable materials you can be proud of. Discover some of the best sustainable women's raincoats for spring 2024.

Find the Ideal Jacket to Weather Scottish Rain 

Scotland is notorious for cloudy, rainy weather. That means as winter comes to a close and spring begins to bloom, having a top-quality coat is a must. Fortunately, Beira's collection of transitional styles has the perfect garment to add to your wardrobe. Learn more about some of our favourite pieces:


You simply can't go wrong with this sustainable women's waterproof coat for 2024. The Luisa technical raincoat is available in a luxe, stark white tone and features three layers of fabric. It's 100% waterproof but doesn't compromise style for function. Style Luisa with your favourite Beira jumper and pants, and enjoy these features:

  • Casual cuffs
  • Side pockets
  • Adjustable hood
  • A figure-skimming design


If you're looking for a fashion-forward coat that still offers warmth, be sure to consider the Amelia cropped trench. Cropped clothing is a huge trend, but this garment will also stand the test of time. Available in green, beige, and black, the Amelia is made from three-layered fabric that promises wind and water protection. You'll love the detachable hood, A-line fit, and lapel variations.


The Frida raincoat will be your best friend if you find yourself walking the Scottish streets on rainy days. This coat comes in navy and black and features all the staples of a good raincoat and then some. Its timeless elegance and sleek lines make it perfect for day, work, or evening wear. Stand-out features include:

  • Side pockets
  • Inside pocket
  • Buckle cuffs
  • Waist tie
  • Storm flap

The Benefits of Buying Beira

Purchasing a raincoat is an investment. After all, you likely plan to wear it for years to come. When you buy Beira, you can feel confident in the fact that your coat will stand the test of time and support several good causes. Here's what your purchase goes to support:

Sustainability Objectives 

Beira has an unwavering commitment to sustainability. Our dedication is evident in everything we do, such as a low-waste production process and innovative repurposing of materials into hangers and tags. We implement a circular sourcing model that utilises 'discarded' materials in our garments and saves them from a life in the landfill. Our approach is setting a new standard for the fashion industry—one that prioritises a low carbon footprint and minimal waste.

Promote Fair Labour Practices 

In addition to putting the planet first, Beira is proud to promote fair labour practices and put our artisans' wellbeing at the forefront. We reject the norm that garment workers are paid very little and instead insist on paying a living wage to each artisan who works with us. We cultivate a positive work environment at each of our factories and ensure our values are being reflected through every phase of production. Beyond showing appreciation for our artisans, we also show respect for our customers through a transparent pricing policy. You'll be able to see every factor that goes into the pricing of each garment and avoid unnecessary markups.

Exquisite, Exclusive Style 

Our sustainability and fair labour initiatives allow us to offer garments that are both exquisite and exclusive. Because each sustainable women's waterproof coat is made from 'discarded' materials, our garments are limited-edition. When you buy from us, you're getting something truly unique. Our honest luxury standards are evident in every stitch.

Explore Our Outerwear Collection Today 

Beira is renowned for highly technical, Italian-made rainwear, and we're excited to share our designs with you. Each coat was designed here in Scotland and makes the perfect partner for rainy UK weather. While they're waterproof, they are also lightweight and work well for spring and early summer. Say goodbye to bulky, mass-produced garments, and add a functional, lightweight coat to your wardrobe. Start shopping with Beira today.

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