Things to do in Edinburgh this July: A Guide for the Conscious Consumer

Things to do in Edinburgh this July: A Guide for the Conscious Consumer

If you’re a conscious consumer and find yourself in Edinburgh this July, you’re in for a treat. Scotland’s capital offers a wide range of sustainable activities for you this summer. From supporting local artisans to enjoying sustainable cuisines, here are some ideal activities for the conscious consumer to explore in Edinburgh this month. 

Discover sustainable shopping

Edinburgh is home to a variety of independent boutiques and stores that prioritise sustainability. If you’re in the Newington area, then why not pay a visit to ‘The Refillery’ where you can shop package-free groceries, sustainable household products and zero-waste essentials. 

Treat yourself to a blow dry

After you’ve picked up your sustainable essentials from the Refillery, then why not pop along to Paterson SA for a cut and bouncy blow dry at 17 South Clerk Street. Paterson SA have recently become a part of a growing scheme to prevent waste from the hairdressing industry from being dumped (did you know that each year 6,700 tonnes of human hair waste is produced, with 98% of it ending up in landfill!!?) Hair sweepings from Paterson SA are now collected by recyclers and reusers, the Green Salon Collective to make a range of different products from compost to yarn and ocean-saving booms. 

Why not try a hydrafacial?

If you’re still felling the pampering vibe after having had your hair done, then make sure to head to Luxe Lab on Market Street for a hydrafacial. This amazing facial treatment is like no other- you’ll come out feeling like a brand-new woman! 

Go for a bike ride

Then of course, we can’t forget to mention heading to the beautiful Stockbridge (perhaps by bike for that sustainable alternative) where you can cycle along the water of Leith, check out the Stockbridge Sunday Market where you can find locally sourced, organic produce and handmade crafts. And of course, last but not least, come and visit Beira at 15 Comley Bank Road where you can shop their ethically crafted limited-edition womenswear. 

Slow food dining

Edinburgh’s culinary scene also caters to conscious consumers with a range of sustainable dining options, you can end your busy day by heading to Novapizza Vegan Italian Kitchen on Howe Street. Novapizza serve vegan versions of the most authentic Italian dishes by using as much local produce as possible. 

Happy sustainable shopping! We hope you enjoy all that this captivating city has to offer this July. 

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