Sustainable Spring Dresses

Sustainable Spring Dresses

Our Style Guide for Sustainable Dresses for Spring

Our sustainable dresses for springtime are stunning and timeless to be worn year after year. Our dresses are never mass-produced and instead focus on preserving the environment and respecting artisans. Get ready for brighter days and add a fresh new piece to your wardrobe from Beira.

Introducing Our Spring Sustainable Dress Collection

Our collection of sustainable dresses for spring features a variety of styles to match nearly any occasion:


The Flora dress is a timeless design complete with pleated tiers and a classic plaid pattern. Crafted from a breathable cotton blend, this dress offers a generous fit that is sure to flatter all body shapes. Each piece is made in Italy with absolute attention to detail and our hallmark sustainable practices. Enjoy these stand-out features:

  • Convenient yet discrete side pockets
  • Tied back
  • Relaxed fit

How to Style

The Flora dress is stylish enough to stand on its own, but it can also be paired with other garments for a unique and bold look. We recommend donning your dress with one of these pieces:

  • Michelle Wool Cardigan: This cardigan is perfect for chilly spring days when a coat is too much, but a short-sleeved dress isn't enough. Its button-down design makes the cardigan easy to wear as needed throughout the day.
  • Astrid Polo Neck: Perhaps you're looking to break up the plaid with some colour blocking. The Astrid polo neck provides a soft grey tone and a splash of blue to your look.
Mari & Anna

Create a dress as blue as the sea with the Mari and Anna combination. Wearing the Mari top with the Anna skirt mimics a beautiful flowing dress perfect for a range of occasions. Pull these pieces from your wardrobe to wear to work, or dress them up for a formal dinner. Get excited about these garment features:

  • A versatile top that can be worn three ways
  • 100% cotton
  • A stylish V-neck that doesn't scoop too low
  • A flower button cover

How to Style

This combination melds well with our Michelle wool cardigan. The soft grey of the cardigan and blue detailing match Mari and Anna perfectly. Styling with a light sweater is an excellent way to dress down on a cooler spring day.


You'll look like you've stepped out of a fashion magazine in our Marina dress. This flowing yet fitted garment harkens back to traditional Scottish styles and adds a modern flair. Enjoy the full pleated skirt, button front, and elegant bracelet sleeve. Don't forget about these additional features:

  • Pockets
  • Side zippers
  • Tie belt
  • Three colour options—navy, brown, and lilac
  • Made in Italy from fine cotton or technical outerwear fabric that looks like silk

How to Style

Are you hoping to elevate your style even further? Beira's inventory is full of garments that make an excellent complement to the Marina dress. We recommend adding one of these jackets to your spring sustainable dress:

  • Monique Blazer: The geometric print of the Monique blazer works well with the solid colours of the Marina dress. Wear this blazer for some extra warmth or to make a fashion statement.
  • Elena Jacket: The form-fitting Elena jacket sits nicely over the dress's bodice to create a streamlined silhouette. Choose a vibrant raspberry shade to stand out, or opt for a black or grey jacket.

Why You'll Feel Good About Supporting Beira 

You can find run-of-the-mill spring dresses at nearly any clothing shop. But at Beira, we take special care to create sustainable dresses for springtime. We strive to manufacture clothing that you can feel good about wearing—both in terms of aesthetics and ethics. Here's why you'll feel good about supporting Beira's mission with your purchase:


Beira is a trailblazer in sustainability initiatives within the fashion industry. We use our circular sourcing method, which means we use 'discarded' materials to create our garments. Our team is committed to a low-waste production process, and many of our phases produce no waste at all. We remain dedicated to maintaining a low carbon footprint and creating honest luxury fashion that doesn't compromise the environment. Beira is proud to lead the charge towards a greener, more eco-conscious fashion industry.


Ethical business practices are key to our purpose. We believe garment workers deserve the utmost respect, and we pay all our artisans fairly. The skilled craftspeople behind our clothing receive wages that reflect the value of their work and allow for comfortable living. Beyond fair wages, we're committed to providing a positive and safe working environment for all artisans. Outside of our own factories, we're proud to support local Scottish businesses, including one that hires individuals who struggle to find consistent work.

Unique Garments 

Each of our garments is carefully designed with a conscious effort to avoid 'waste'. Because we use a circular economy model and repurposed materials once destined for the landfill, each of our creations is truly unique. When we say limited-edition, we mean it. We only create a few of each piece, so you can feel good that you own something extra special.

Learn What It Means to Be a Beira Goddess 

At Beira, we're not just making sustainable midi dresses for spring; we're leading a fashion revolution. Mass-produced items simply can't replicate the quality our artisans create. Instead of spending your hard-earned money on items that harm both the planet and the people who make them, show your support for ethical and sustainable fashion. Become a Beira goddess today.

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