Spring-Sustainable Raincoats

Spring-Sustainable Raincoats

Spring will be here before we know it and with that comes April showers, but as we know, with April showers come May flowers!... With Beira, we can count on this rainwear to be sustainably sourced and for the raincoats to be ethically crafted.

Luisa Technical Raincoat

Perfect for a family campout or day trip, this Luisa Technical Raincoat will keep you nice and dry while you have adventures with your friends and family. We just love this coat with a hood for your more casual rainy days. The back is elongated for a lengthening of the silhouette and there is a drawstring at the hips for versatile coverage. Whether you want a loose fit or a tight squeeze across the bottom to keep out the rain, the choice is up to you. This highly functional raincoat is also stylish in the most effortless of ways, letting everyone know that your sporty side is ready for spring! Wear this over the Ada jumper for warmth and comfort as you enjoy the great outdoors! The stripe pattern of the Ada will bring you an effortless classic style while you stay dry in your perfectly a-line Luisa Technical Raincoat.

Frida Raincoat

One of our most stylish and glamorous raincoats, this Frida Raincoat is perfect for a spring holiday. Available in both navy and black, this raincoat has a silhouette that flatters, no matter what your body type. Ideal for travel, as it is versatile and can be worn, day or night, this raincoat pairs beautifully with the Cigarette Pant and a chunky boot.

So whether your holiday includes museum hopping, daytime cafes, or nightlife, this sustainable raincoat will accompany you every step of the way with its functional beauty. This straight-cut coat features a belted tied waist, multiple pockets, a storm flap, and a detachable hood.

Sustainably sourced? Yes! The material used to craft this stylish raincoat was ‘discarded’ fabric and was carefully chosen to make this one of the most waterproof garments on the market. Made in Italy it has three layers and can withstand the equivalent of 10,000 litres of water poured over it and it wouldn’t penetrate, April showers are no match for this chic, sustainable raincoat.

Amelia Cropped Trench

Why not try the Amelia Cropped Trench to finish off your Easter holiday outfit? The Amelia Cropped Trench can be worn as a waist-skimming coat, or it can be buttoned up for a more A-line shape.  Paired with a dress or a chic co-ord set, this cropped trench brings a functional and semi-casual look to any outfit. Versatile in so many dimensions, this coat can easily transition from parties to brunch to the park with friends and family.

The Amelia Cropped Trench was sustainably sourced, in keeping with our mission statement, and made in Italy using only the best ‘discarded’ materials. It is made up of three layers of fabric, keeping you nice and dry. Our designer Antoinette sourced nothing but the best, high-end fabrics in Italy to craft this limited-edition piece.

Buckle sleeves, pockets, and a detachable hood complete this look so you have all of your sustainable raincoat needs met. Whether you’re wearing something super dressy or going for a more casual look, this coat can easily transition from day to night as well.

The Beira sustainably sourced raincoat collection is all limited-edition and you won’t find anything else like it.

So enjoy your Easter holiday in true style with this classic look from Beira.



At Beira we value sustainability. Creating an atmosphere of sustainability and ethical work values reflects the deep concern the co-founders of Beira share regarding the impact of fashion on the environment as well as social justice issues.

To learn more about or be a part of our collaborative community with efforts to promote sustainability in quiet luxury fashion, visit our website. Or if you’re in the neighbourhood, visit our flagship store at 15 Comley Bank Road, Stockbridge, Edinburgh, EH4 1DS.


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