Recent Climate News: A Glimpse into our Changing World

Recent Climate News: A Glimpse into our Changing World

As the global climate crisis intensifies, staying informed about recent climate news is essential for understanding the challenges we face and the actions needed to address them. From record-breaking temperatures to failings from the UK Government, here are some noteworthy updates on the state of our planet. 

  • Heatwaves 

  • While the warmer weather has been very much welcomed in the UK these past few weeks, the warmer weather sadly has a more sinister side. The Met Office reported that this June has been the hottest ever since records began in 1884. They stated that "alongside natural variability, the background warming of the Earth's atmosphere due to human induced climate change has driven up the possibility of reaching record high temperatures." These record highs of temperature highlight the urgency of combatting climate change as rising temperatures pose risk to human health, agriculture and ecosystems. The impact of climate change is even more devastating for those living in developing countries and over the past year there has been a growing demand for reform of the World Bank to allow it to address the devastating effect of the climate crisis on poor countries. 

  • No longer a world leader 

  • The climate change committee have said that the Government’s efforts to scale up climate change action is “worryingly slow.” Compared to a year ago, the committee has warned that there is a significant decrease in confidence regarding the UK’s ability to achieve its carbon emissions reduction targets. Lord Deben, Committee chairman condemned the governments’ policy on new coal and oil projects. He stated that the UK’s first new deep coal mine in 30 years in Cumbria was “total nonsense” and he was also critical about the plans for a new oil field in Scotland at Rosebank. 

  • Every cloud

  • However, it’s not all bad news… A new conservation programme has been launched in Scotland with the aim of tackling the decline of vulnerable coastal species. Species on the Edge is a new partnership programme of NatureScot and seven nature conservation charities, all dedicated to improving the fortunes of 37 priority species found along Scotland's coast and islands. The Species on the Edge partnership has secured £4million in funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, with the total program cost exceeding £6.5million. This support will enable the partnership to implement a comprehensive four-and-a-half-year programme aimed at addressing the effects of environmental change on wildlife. Through this initiative both nature and people will reap the benefit of these efforts. 

    Keeping up with recent climate news is crucial as we navigate the complex challenges of a changing world. By staying informed, we can contribute to the global conversation on climate change and support the efforts required to safeguard our planet for future generations.



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