Our Made In Scotland is here!!

Our Made In Scotland is here!!

Off the back of our success winning the Scottish EDGE Net Zero award in December we have been able to support local Scottish manufacturers and create a Made In Scotland collection with the funding.

Our latest Made In Scotland collection features waterproof capes and bucket hats, all of which are made from leftover fabrics in the factory. The quality of these garments is incredible, each cape is individually hand made from start to finish by one artisan. One bucket hat alone takes 2.5 hours to make! They all come with a lifetime guarantee and are completely waterproof.

The capes are specially made from vulcanised rubber bonded cloth and are all cut by hand, a process patterned by Thomas Hancock in 1843. They give great accuracy in pattern and garment cutting. The seams are all taped and sealed by natural, virgin rubber using the index finger which requires an incredibly skilled artisan. Traditional tools are used to finish the garment to ensure all of the tapes are firmly bonded.

We are delighted to be working on this collaboration with Nadia from Hancock who is a complete visionary within Scottish manufacturing and has a similar purpose of sustainable and ethical production.

Based in North Lanarkshire – Alexander Manufacturing (Scotland) is one of the last remaining manufacturing factories for Luxury Garments in Scotland home to some of the original Mackintosh coat makers trained to a level of skill like none other. With an aim to elevate the Scottish Heritage of the workforce which dates back centuries, while remaining innovative – Nadia’s objective is to build upon the concept of ‘Flock to Frock’ and traceability. Redefining sustainability in a Scottish Manufacturing context means working with local textile mills to craft low-footprint garments, use of repossessed wools, plant-based waxes, and fabrics produced from tree cellulose and natural cloths. This is something all at Alexander Manufacturing are passionate about upholding and the team operate with a reuse and repair approach with a continued commitment to craftsmanship in the most sustainable way possible.

Coming in nine different colours, our selection of capes feature a variety of silk lining, reversible epaulets and gold buttons. They are one size fits all and sit amazing on all body shapes.

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