Kindness Campaign

Kindness Campaign

Today marks the start of our Kindness Campaign as part of our Conscious Living Series! Events to be announced later this week.


To start the week off on the right foot (quite literally), myself and Antoinette headed out for a lunchtime run in order to be kind to our mind and body. A touch of exercise has set us up for the week and cleared our heads before getting back into work this afternoon.


How can you join in? Read more below...




An act of kindness,

however small,

is never wasted...

or so the saying goes.

For that one act of kindness casts a seed

from which more

kindness grows.


Which makes me

wonder when I stop

to think about it all...

if any act of kindness...

can ever be considered small.

-Jim Yerman


Our store is closed today but starting tomorrow if you're passing by our Stockbridge shop you will see our kindness display! Please take one of our random acts of kindness letters to add some positivity and kindness to your, and quite possibly someone else's, week.


Perhaps you'll pick up a letter which will ask you to be kind to yourself - drink 2 litres of water everyday or do something creative for 15 minutes this week.


Maybe it will ask you to be kind to others - share your favourite uplifting song with a friend or compliment a stranger!


Or you could be kind to the world - use your own reusable cup if you get a coffee to go or only buy Fairtrade this month.


A little bit of kindness goes a long way!


Yours consciously, mindfully and sustainably,

Beira team.

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