Why Should you Invest In a Quality Winter Coat?

Why Should you Invest In a Quality Winter Coat?

I think this week has shown us that there is a noticeable shift in the weather; it’s wetter and colder outside. But what do we expect from Edinburgh? We are certainly feeling the urge to cocoon ourselves in layers of wool and cashmere, and checking the weather forecast daily to see if it’s looking any better. In saying that, we have been living by the motto ‘heat the body not the house’ so the wool and cashmere has been needed inside just as much as outside.


There is nothing more comforting than a good sustainable winter coat. A winter coat tends to be among the most expensive purchases we make throughout the year, so it has to be well considered - a good quality coat that will last a lifetime is essential. A winter coat is something you’ll be wearing from October till March (or let’s face it, probably May), so even if you don’t start wearing it immediately, you’ll get more than your 100 wears by spring. Everyone needs something classic and timeless that can be worn with everything. Try to avoid the super trends. If you already have your basic, everyday coat and it doesn’t need updating, think about investing in something different, like a bright colour that you love.


Much like choosing a colour, you also want to think about the cut and fit. Start by evaluating your shape. It’s good to have something quite tailored and smart in your coat arsenal. Our Grace, Alicia and Elsie coats are ideal for this, enhancing or creating an hourglass figure. It’s also quite nice to have something a little more relaxed and less fitted. These are ideal for weekends over jumpers, jeans and trainers. Try looking at our Beatrice and Francesca jackets, they have a relaxed luxe A-line shape. When looking at the fit, always consider what you will be wearing underneath; we’ve encouraged many a shopper to size up if they want to wear a jumper underneath. Although our most padded jackets are that cosy that combined with a knit you might overheat! Remember the shoulder of your coat should extend past your natural shoulder by a centimetre or two and sleeves should be worn a little longer as they tend to ride up when worn over heavier garments.


You can’t go wrong with a ­double-breasted coat in a good quality wool complete with a luxurious lining. Our Alicia’s have been very popular this season, so much so we only have a handful left. We have a selection of wool coats that are not only warm but incredibly glamorous. Alternatively we have highly weatherproof coats that are perfect for every day, functional yet stylish. Who said a waterproof had to ruin your outfit? Worn with flat leather boots and a tapered pair of jeans, by stripping the rest of the outfit back to the bare-bones you get that down-to-earth ruggedness that sums up the season nicely.



Yours consciously, mindfully and sustainably,

Beira team.

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