Beira featured on Channel 4's 'Luxury For Less'.

Beira appeared on Channel Four’s Luxury for Less on 21st April! Antoinette provided the inside scoop on Beira’s ethical supply chain. The show took a trip to Italy to display the Italian craftsmanship and finest materials used to create the brand’s limited edition womenswear.
Luxury for Less is the new consumer series revealing how we can all treat ourselves and indulge in high-end shopping without breaking the bank. The inside track on luxury shopping is presented by Sophie Morgan and Sabrina Grant, where they cover all things clothing and fashion.
Antoinette said, “Flavio and I were so delighted to be featured on Luxury for Less to showcase our  sustainable approach to luxury. They followed our whole story from sourcing the luxury waste in Italy back to the U.K. which is our main market. Sophie Morgan and the rest of  team made us feel so welcome and at ease throughout the whole process. We are so grateful to be featured as part of this fantastic show.”
It was all very exciting seeing our brand up on TV and it was an honour to work with the wonderful Sophie and Channel 4 team. This was such a huge opportunity for our small, Scottish brand to be given to showcase our passion for sustainable clothing and share our sustainable ethos.
In case you missed it, you can watch us on All 4!